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Blinder Clip Handbag


I might be at the mercy of a terrible pun here, but I really find the Binder Clip Handbag entertainly ironic. It's a handbag designed to replicate a piece of stationery and hand bag's aren't much use for 'stationary' people. Yes... you see what I did there? That's called magic.

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Keyboard Purse

My girlfriend will use this bag whether she likes it or not. The Keybag is a purse made of keyboard keys, so for once you’ll know exactly how to press her buttons. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night. Link [via]

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Vegetables Slaughtered For the Sake of Fashion

What… they couldn’t find enough chinchillas? They had to resort to slaughtering poor, defenseless vegetables for the sake of fashion? Make them out of alligator, fox, or hell, even human, but leave the vegetables alone! Think about their families! The French gallery “Le got de Luxe,” or Taste of Luxury, integrates edible edibles, mostly fruits and vegetables, into fashionable products. ...

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Etsified: The NES Purse

There is just so much creativity swimming around Etsy.com that sometimes it gives me a headache. People create all sorts of plush toys, pillows and other doo-dads that you, the reader, can then purchase for your own pleasure whilst supporting the original artist. This NES handbag is no exception. User Inhope created it with a lot of room in mind ...

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Dead Dog Purse

This purse is supposedly based on Paris Hilton’s former pooch, Tinkerbell. It is supposed to reflect the “trend and fashion” of carrying around a small dog. Sure, that’s a big trend in L.A. and New York, but I’m pretty sure nobody in Columbus, Ohio is doing this. That’s why they should shell out the $317 for this Dead Dog Purse. ...

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A Handbag Steve McQueen Would Adore

Men can’t have a purse. It’s a set-in-stone rule that has been passed down to us for many generations. But with today’s technology and the demand for our iPhones, digital cameras and Blackberries has reached an all-time high. We simply can’t leave the house with keys and a wallet anymore and our pockets can’t hold everything. What’s a homeboy to ...

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The Most Expensive Cupcake Ever! Nom Nom Nom….

There’s not a lot known about this delicious looking chocolate cupcake other than three things: 1. It was designed by Judith Leiber. 2. It is jewel-encrusted and full of diamonds. 3. It costs $4295. Now I believe it acts as an evening bag, so again, I’m assuming most women are throwing things like lipstick, tampons, money and a whole lot ...

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Urban Performer Unit Brings The Pod To The Surface

Even if it looks a little too much like a purse to be completely unisex, as the designers claim it to be, the idea is a snazzy one. The Urban Performer Unit is a handbag with slick crystallized controlling, allowing you to operate your iPod from the Swarovski crystal laced surface. The crystals indicate the iPod’s functions, incorporating an emotional ...

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PitaPocket Is Way Cooler Than A Croissant

We Americans love our carbs. Throw us a piece of bread and you bet your ass we’ll gobble that shit down. Pita might not be the bread of choice in the states, but cool wallets are a novelty that never gets tiring. The Pitapocket is all of the bread goodness, without the empty calories. Made of cotton, the pita-like wallet ...

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