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Cupcake CNC Machine Kit

Jakob Lodwick, founder of Vimeo and online entrepreneur, has thrown a lot of money at DIYers Bre Pettis and Zack Hoeken. So much, in fact, that they decided to start a robot company called MakerBot Industries. The company’s first product is the Cupcake CNC machine kit. As it implies, it’s a kit that lets you build your very own CNC ...

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HTC Dream: Would The Real T-Mobile G2 Please Stand Up?

Leave it to the Boy Genius to get yet another exclusive mobile phone leak. This time around, it’s the T-Mobile G2! Except that, it’s not called the G2. In Europe, it’ll be known as the HTC Dream and Vodafone will be offering it to customers sometime this year. What’s the Dream going to pack? For now, BGR speculates mostly standard ...

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The Most Expensive Cupcake Ever! Nom Nom Nom….

There’s not a lot known about this delicious looking chocolate cupcake other than three things: 1. It was designed by Judith Leiber. 2. It is jewel-encrusted and full of diamonds. 3. It costs $4295. Now I believe it acts as an evening bag, so again, I’m assuming most women are throwing things like lipstick, tampons, money and a whole lot ...

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Retro Gamer Cupcakes Is Dessert For Your Dinner Of 1Up Mushrooms

  A crafty cook / Flickr user has been keeping her hands full with these retro-gaming cupcakes. Something tells us that the original gamers who played these games, who are now suffering from diabetes because they played games constantly instead of working on their health, are saddened by these delectable treats. Featured are Pac-Man and Super Mario cupcakes for you ...

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