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Continental iPhone 3G Got That Bling Thang

When the word “Continental” comes to mind, I tend to think of a shit dive bar in Manhattan where you can get 5 shots of any liquor for $10. Anytime. Yes, it’s amazing and here’s a limited edition iPhone to match. It’s an all black iPhone 3G encrusted with a combination of black and white diamonds. Think that’s rich? Each ...

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The Most Expensive Cupcake Ever! Nom Nom Nom….

There’s not a lot known about this delicious looking chocolate cupcake other than three things: 1. It was designed by Judith Leiber. 2. It is jewel-encrusted and full of diamonds. 3. It costs $4295. Now I believe it acts as an evening bag, so again, I’m assuming most women are throwing things like lipstick, tampons, money and a whole lot ...

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Monaco Nokia 8800: ISSE Russia Special Edition

The Monaco Nokia 8800 stands out like the other Nokia special editions have. ISSE from Russia designs this 8800 permutation with sleek colors and shimmering jewels set into the face of the phone. ISSE is known for their jewelery design, which really shows on the Monaco. The luxury wristwatch like jewel design adds a certain grace to the phone that ...

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