Congrats! You Got Laid With A Robot

Finally, a self-proclaimed “perfect woman” robot. AI Robotics has created a fully functional robot woman who won’t get tired of your sloppiness, leave you for another man or stop giving head just because you got married. The robot’s name is LISA and she can cook, shop, clean, give back rubs, get naked, get dressed, suck a mean dick, recharge herself automatically and to top it all off: she’s got an IQ of 130. You’d be lucky to find an organic woman with an IQ of 130.

Sure, she has a creepy look to her, but when did that ever stop you from knocking boots with someone? You’ll get your chance to bang one come June 11.

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  1. can you really have sex with her?? or at least oral??

  2. “You�d be lucky to find an organic woman with an IQ of 130.” Well, I seem to be a rarity, then, as my IQ is higher than the Lisa’s…

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