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An Intelligent Sleep Mask To Help You Sleep Better


Do you have trouble sleeping? Can you sleep with a sleep mask on? Then the "Zizz" could be just what you're looking for. The Zizz is an artificially intelligent sleep mask that is designed to improve your sleeping experience. Created by a Warsaw-based startup called IQ Intelclinic, the Zizz utilizes sensors to monitor the sleep cycles of the wearer.

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Congrats! You Got Laid With A Robot

Finally, a self-proclaimed “perfect woman” robot. AI Robotics has created a fully functional robot woman who won’t get tired of your sloppiness, leave you for another man or stop giving head just because you got married. The robot’s name is LISA and she can cook, shop, clean, give back rubs, get naked, get dressed, suck a mean dick, recharge herself ...

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