German Scientists Develop Robot That Can Touch You — Literally

The new "touch-sensitive" robot of the future.

Apparently the idea of “human-like” robots is one step closer to becoming a reality. Scientists in at a German research institute have developed a “skin” for robots that can work in tandem with other robotic features. Here’s a brief overview of what they hope to accomplish:

Scientists… are now developing an artificial skin for robots with a similar purpose: It will provide important tactile information to the robot and thus supplement its perception formed by camera eyes, infrared scanners and gripping hands.”

The skin also includes infrared sensors, which can help simulate the sensation of touch. Also included are temperature sensors, which can give the robot an idea of when its environment temperature changes. An interesting feature is the accelerometer, which allows the robot to distinguish which of its limbs have just been moved.

I, for one, welcome our new touch-sensitive robot overlords.

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