Dentists Can Now “Practice” on an Attractive Japanese Robot

The fact that the newest robotic “dental patient” in Japan is made in cooperation with the same company that makes “Love Dolls” has nothing to do with the innuendo in the title of this article, really.

Hanako 2 is the upgraded version of a realistic dental patient that was developed by researchers in Japan. Hanako 2 can cough, sneeze, and even simulate a gag reflex. She also has speech recognition software that allows her to discuss her current condition.

From the original Hanako, these upgrades make Hanako 2 more useful for dental students. Hanako 2 also has more realistic silicone skin, as well as a tongue that is a single piece merged with the cheek lining.

After watching her in action, it’s a little hard not to be creeped out. Though the way she blinks is still obviously robotic, the small updates have definitely begun to make us wonder what the future has in store for more “human” robotic advancements.


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