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What Would Steve Jobs Do? Wristbands

Watch out, Jesus! There’s a new savior in the house. His name? El Jobso. Sometimes known as Steve Jobs. And you, as a faithful Apple devotee, are a disciple of the cult of Mac. When you find yourself in a pickle, and just see no other means of escape, simply ask yourself, what would Steve Jobs do? And the answer ...

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Contest: Is That An iPhone…?

Of course it isn’t you cheap bastard! But! We do have a lovely selection of cases from Proporta that are ready for the taking. We have up for grabs: 1 Soft Feel Silicone Case and 2 Maya Leather Pouches. These are superbly made cases and let’s face it: you do NOT want to break or scratch an iPhone 3G, unless ...

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DIY Edible LEGO Bricks

Instructables never ceases to amaze me. This time around, we have some absolutely delicious LEGO gummies. User SFHandyman discuses how to use a silicone mold to form the candy and goes through the process of using Jello to create the actual candy. The only thing that could make these treats better would be if you could actually build with them. ...

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A Sensor That Mimicks The Human Eye

We’ve seen artificial corneas that could replace damaged organic corneas, but how about a digital image sensor that adjusts itself like a human retina? That’s exactly what John Rogers at the University of Illinois is creating. An improved method of transferring silicon sensors onto a curved surface allowing for the sensor to capture wide-angle views with low distortion. Because it ...

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