Meet Siri, Your AI Apple Personal Assistant

Many of us have spent years screaming at talking to our gadgets, without them talking back. At today’s press event, Apple unveiled “Siri”, which will be the artificial intelligence personal assistant that’s included with the iPhone 4S.

At first glance, Siri’s capabilities seem pretty impressive. She can read your text messages to you, or answer questions like, “What time is it in Paris?”. However, her capabilities go far beyond that. You can tell Siri to set up meetings, to set up reminders, or even ask her to open your GPS and route you home. She can also send messages for you, which allows for true hands-free communication.

Last year, Apple bought the company Siri for $200 million, and then developed the technology behind Siri’s artificial intelligence. It’ll be interesting to see if this announcement convinces other companies to invest more in artificial intelligence technology.


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