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4 Broad Technological Inventions That Dramatically Altered our Lifestyle


In today’s world, we constantly experience new inventions whether it is a smart phone, computer or even something simple as duct tape. Most of us are familiar with the endless introduction of various gadgets and are even proud owners of some of them. Each time a device comes along, we are amused by it because the impact it has on ...

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Real-Life Portal T-Shirt Puts a Hole in Your Belly


Ben Heck, expert modder and webshow host, is at it again with his newest creation, the Real-Life Portal T-Shirt. By modifying the shirt with “a chest-mounted LCD screen and a back-mounted CCD camera,” Heck created a t-shirt which puts a hole through your belly, right where the cake would have been if it weren’t a lie. Ben shows off his ...

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Swedish Chameleon Turns Your Canon DSLR Into a Multi-Purpose Monster


At first glance, I would have sworn this was some engine for a small motorcycle, but then I thought to myself, “Wait, engines don’t have lenses.” No, what I saw wasn’t an engine at all. This was some sort of camera. And a Canon DSLR at that. As it turns out, this is Swedish Chameleon’s way of compressing a whole ...

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Telescopic iPhone 4 Lens Shoots the Moon

Don’t get me wrong. The new 5 megapixels sensor of the iPhone 4 is a vast improvement over other iPhone models, but it just doesn’t do the trick for taking some of the detailed, intricate photos some of us enjoy taking. Japanese stargazer Jurilog decided that instead of using a DSLR camera, he wanted to use the iPhone 4 to ...

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ThinkTank Rain Cover Saves Your Camera From A Moist End

Monsoon season is just around the corner. And you know what that means. Massive rainfall in a short amount of time. For a photographer, just the mention of rain can cause your anxiety level to rise. That’s why something like the ThinkTank Hydrophobia Rain Cover can come in such handy if you’re in a heavily moist climate. Zipping right around ...

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5 MP Camera a Go For iPhone 4G

According to OmniVision, they’ve secured 5 MP CIS orders for the next-generation Apple iPhone device, expected to be released in the second half of 2010, which would sort of coincide with other rumors we’ve been hearing about WWDC. OmniVision was also the supplier for the 3.2 MP CIS of the iPhone 3GS. This would pretty much coincide with the general ...

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Lighter USB Camera Spies on Smokers

So you’re a private eye and your subject just happens to be a chain smoker. Sounds like a pretty common problem, right? Believe it or not, about 70% of Gearfuse readers are detectives of some sort (and that’s not even counting Asian upskirt voyeurs and superheroes). The Spycam Lighter Camera looks just like your normal run of the mill cigarette ...

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