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Samsung i70 puts 2 in 1, PMP & Digital Camera

So this product by Samsung is being released alongside of every 99999 other products being released at CES. At first glance it looks like the next iteration of the new digital cameras aimed at kids that are sleek and look cool. Not so. Just take a look here: – 7.2 Megapixel resolution – 3x optical zoom lens – 3.0-inch LCD ...

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LG releases yet another phone, the SB190

LG just released the SB190, their next phone in the line-up, to their friends in Korea. LG took into account the popularity of the Chocolate, and so again steered away from flip phones, creating another slider. Sliders are great and all, but after a few months the screen starts to get scratch from everyday wear and tear, and then your ...

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I dare you, use the Extendable Hand Held Tripod

Don’t ever get caught using this device unless you are in a situation where the ‘stick-your-arm-out-and-curl-hand’ method can’t possibly work. If anyone ever sees you, just be ready to be the butt of everyone’s joke. You look like a complete geek (not the fun geek, the weird geek) and the pictures can’t be improved that much. The Extendable Hand Held ...

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Motorola releases MOTO ROKR E6

Motorola has just released its PDA cellphone, the MOTO ROKR E6. Unfortunately, it’s only available in China, hopefully we’ll see it here sometime soon. This baby looks pretty sweet with its 2.4” 262k color touchscreen TFT display and its reasonable thickness of 14.5mm. The laser blue accented navigation outline still impresses. The E6 also has a 2 megapixel digital camera ...

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