Wednesday , 22 October 2014

Possibly the world’s smallest camera stand

More and more people are taking pictures nowadays thanks to the invention of digital cameras, the biggest reason is that pictures come out free, you don’t have to print all of them, and you can always delete the ones you don’t like, as oppose to traditional film camera systems where you have to pay for ever press of the shutter ... Read More »

Clip your nostrils to stop snoring

  Snoring can be both embarassing and annoying, especially to the person sleeping next to you (unless of course, both of you snore, that will depend on who gets to sleep first). There’re a million therapies out there for you to burn money with, but there’s something we discovered today that you might want to try out, and it only ... Read More »

How To give your HDTV the Philips Ambilight look for cheap

The Philips Ambilight for HDTVs is a look that every gadget hound would love to have in their living rooms. Though, most are not fortunate enough to have the money to spend on the Philips lighting system. Instructables gives this easy to do tutorial for setting up the Ambilight look, without putting a whole in your wallet. For under $40, ... Read More »

Laugh Of The Day: A new incredible fad, “Internet”

[ev type="youtube" data="1n4fDgmrF3o"][/ev] Coming to a rec room near you! It’s “Internet”! This 1993 broadcast is so hysterical, even though it shouldn’t be, since this was our recent past. But through the revolution called “Internet”, we can now pass gossip and cooking tips! And for only $200 a year! — Andrew Dobrow It’s called “Internet” [Neatorama] Read More »

Lokomat Automated Treadmill for rebuilding muscle strength

A stoke can disable someones life. Motor function gets dowgraded, coordination goes out the window, and muscle strength disappears along with the nerve strength. This swiss rehab system, the Lokomat, is a treadmill with robot-assisted lower extremities. Made by Hocoma, the Locomat has shown beneficial for post-stroke victims who have found weakening in their leg muscles. In a recent study, ... Read More »

Digital Drawer encourages your kids to draw on wall

[ev type="youtube" data="b146_atvG4g"][/ev] Anyone with a blooming child knows that little doodles are bound to pop up on your wall at some point. Philips has developed a digital drawing gadget that not only allows children to color on walls, but encourages is it with his non-mess gizmo. The multicolor paintbrush, or “magic wand”, can be dipped into a digital paint ... Read More »

DoCoMo and McDonalds join hands in Japan

Two of Japan’s largest companies and now, oddly paired partners, have joined together in corporate harmony to bring the Japanese public the best of bytes and burgers. This 300 million yen joint agreement will promote the use of DoCoMo’s IC-card e-cash phones in McDonalds’ through out the country of Japan. This agreement will work in conjunction with McDonalds new “membership ... Read More »