Saturday , 19 April 2014

All the benefits of Mushrooms, without the hallucinations

We all need some stress relief in our life every now and again. Some people choose to accomplish this taking mind-altering substances, such as hallucinogenic mushrooms. Others prefer to squeeze the living hell out of a Super Mario Bros. stress relief mushroom. There are four models to choose from including the 1up mushroom, the poison mushroom, the super mushroom, and ... Read More »

Wearable Speakers let us hear your favorite tunes

Just when we thought we had heard the last of Lindsay Lohan, we found these Wearable Speakers by Safesound Sports. The SSPS-1 do not have any connected earbuds. They are simply half-dollar shaped speakers that latch on to your shoulder. The SSPS-1 was made to help and control those damn “iPod Zombies” who walk around in an oblivious vegetable state, ... Read More »

Ministry of Sound PMP rips you off (no internal storage)

The Ministry of Sound does very well with their enormous number of compilation club/house/techno music cds they put out what seems like every week. Apparently, they are trying to step into the portable media player market, and with the MOSMP100X10, they have just fallen flat on their faces. To start with what is probably the only good feature, it has ... Read More »

AA to D battery convertor saves time and money

Simplicity solves so many problems. This little battery adapted is an excellent of simplicity put to a use that nearly everyone can use sooner or later. This little casing converts one AA battery to fit where a D size battery should go. It only costs $5 and if you are in a bit of a rush, it can get the ... Read More »

Gaming for Quadriplegics: That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean Wii Pong

We wish paralysis on no human being, but that doesn’t mean we can’t envy them! Frankly, the Gravitonus created Alternative Computer Control System (ACCS) looks pretty amazing. The ACCS system constantly monitors the body position, temperature, and pressure on different body parts. The ACCS is already being effectively used with Spinal Cord Injury patients, and could revolutionize the way disabled ... Read More »

CineMassive MasterPlex means lots of monitor space

Purchasing something like this might require a lifestyle change. The CineMassive MasterPlex 21T is aptly name. It truly is massive. The center display is a 21.3″ Premium Digital Samsung monitor surrounded by a hive of 17″ digital wings in portrait mode. The total monitor span is about 44.5 inches. How much will a MasterPlex speed up your quest for bankruptcy? ... Read More »

Paging your lost precious

Isn’t it just annoying when you lose stupid items like keys, your wallet, your purse (and murse) or even your kid? They’re usually just somewhere, at the stupidest places covered by paper or clothes or food. Japanese company Imao (not LMAO) has come to save us with their Mitsukaru tags. What the tags do is that they are traceable with ... Read More »

HTC Advantage Smartphone: The laptop twin

You might recall HTC from our previous post on the Vox smartphone. The HTC Advantage is the businessman’s alternative. Featuring a different design, resembling a really small laptop. The Advantage is actually a rebranding of the previously announced HTC Athena. The HSDPA data-supporting phone runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition, a product name getting more and more ... Read More »

PlaysForSure dead? Think again and meet PlayReady for cellphones

Microsoft is doing an amazing job and confusing us right now in terms of where they stand with their own DRM technology. Remember PlaysForSure? And how the Zune completely snubbed that idea, and how we thought that PlaysForSure was “for sure” going to get phased out? Not happenning yet. Microsoft has announced that they have another DRM technology that is ... Read More »