Friday , 28 November 2014

Samsung Cannes PDP TV brings a ray of DayLight

Samsung Korea has announced its new line of PDP TV’s, being released under the name ‘Cannes’. The TV will be available in three sizes. The 42″ ($2200), 50″ ($3500), and 63″ ($9450), will all respectively come with Ultra DayLight technology, which will adjust the contrast ratio automatically depending on the ambient lighting environment of your room. Ultra Daylight allows for ... Read More »

The Great Firewall of China: Why don’t they love us?

Why don’t they love Gearfuse? *tear* Want to see if you’re blocked in China too? Check it out at The server check will tell you if any site is blocked or not. What did we ever do to be blocked? I guess just being an english written blog was enough. — Andrew Dobrow Check your URL [Great Firewall of ... Read More »

R.I.P. Richard Joseph, game music and sound composer

Richard Joseph, a man touted as one of the most influential gaming music composers of the 80’s and 90’s, passed away on March 4, 2007 after being diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. He is known as one of the most important innovators in the industry, introducing true voice acting in his work on Mega Lo Mania, as well ... Read More »

Test: A bike ride with the PSP GPS

While we’re still waiting for the PSP GPS module to be released in North America, we can take a look at what  it can do in Japan. The guys at NikkeiBP have taken the PSP GPS module for a spin this weekend, this time they’ve used  the MaPlus Portable Navi software. Data stored in the 1.8GB UMD is enough for ... Read More »

Nap Alarm sadistically keeps you awake

We know it’s hard to keep awake in painstakingly boring meetings, but wouldn’t it be great to have somebody next to you to wake you up when you fall asleep? The Japanese came out with various solutions for that, and one of them is the Nap Alarm. The Nap Alarm looks pretty much like just another headset for your mobile ... Read More »

Double click by single clicking

For most of us that manage to land on this site, double-clicking on the mouse would not be a problem at all. However for first time PC users, it can be a bit tricky, some would even need to tweak the mouse settings at Control Panel, or some would simply choose to hit Enter to get what they want. Well, ... Read More »

Medication ‘Robot’ tooth implants

IntelliDrug, an IST Program project for creating a medicine dispenser the size of a tooth. The device would be able to be implanted in the mouth of the patient, where it would be able to gradually give a measured dose of medicine to fit the patient’s needs. Not the first body “robot” to be mentioned, the medication tooth worries us ... Read More »

Illuminated Rubik’s Cube changes pattern to music

These damn Rubik’s cubes might be damn near impossible if you’re not an obsessive kid with a super high memory, but some very cool products and projects get created through this 80’s puzzle wonder. This Illuminated Cube displays 27 different patterns of multicolored lights, which light up to the pattern of the music you are listening to, via internal speakers. ... Read More »

WESC x Nokia 3250 Designer Cellphone

Designer cellphones have been popping up out of the woodwork for the last year or so. They’ve shown an intriguing sense of mobile style and design. This special edition 3250 joins skateboard fashion company, WESC with mobile manufacture, Nokia, to produce a very pretty looking new model. This special edition of the popular Nokia 3250 with camera and music capabilities, ... Read More »

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic: marketing picture appears

UPDATE March 29, 2007: Nokia 5700 3G swivel music phone is for real. Exactly one month ago we showed you a design mock-up of an unknown XpressMusic swivel device from Nokia, last night we received a better and more official picture of the phone, supposedly to be called the 5700. Now we’re sure that the camera (with LED flash) is ... Read More »