Wednesday , 1 October 2014

UV Disinfectant Wand for cleaning those invisible stains

Ever seen one of those shows on the Discovery channel when they go into hotels or other grungy places and put on a UV light to illuminate all of the bodily made spittle? Yeah, ew. The UV Disinfectant Wand projects intense UV rays that kill 99.9% of all germs in less then 10 seconds. Since this is radiation we’re talking ... Read More »

Floppy Disk Journal gives a new job to those legacy flops

You might of forgotten, but these floppy disks were once the storage media of choice. Now your most likely to find them piled at trash dumps or buried in your closet somewhere. The Floppy Disk Journal gives a new use to an obsolete technology. These old floppy drives have been converted  into functioning notebooks. What’s really cool about this is ... Read More »

SkyTRX Mini Tracker: How the high-tech ninja stalks his prey

The SkyTRX Mini Tracker is the solution for the high-tech stalker. A mountable, small, water-resistant, tracker that mounts using a magnet located on the device. Rather it be for tracking your girlfriends every step or following enemies for sinister purposes, the SkyTRX gets the job done in a discreet fashion. Powered by only two AAA batteries, the SkyTRX stores up ... Read More »

Ubiko robot says “Only you can prevent office fires!”

Robot manufacturer tmsuk teams up with Kyushu University and the Kanazawa Institute to create Ubiko, the Smokey the Bear equivalent of office robots. The 132-lb Ubiko was originally designed to serve as a temporary receptionist, equipped with exclusive sensors to sniff out ash and smoke. When Ubiko wasn’t receptive to its bosses sexual advances, the reception duties were taken away, ... Read More »

Silicon chip could help diagnose genetic forms of Parkinson’s Disease

From Melbourne, Australia comes a Silicon-based chip that might one day help scientiests and doctors with the early diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease. Melbourne scientists have started diagnostic testing the 17 genes they believe to be causes of the neurological disorder. If tests show to be successful, the $500 genetic test could make previous measures obsolete, which were also a lot ... Read More »

A real “Thumb” Drive

USB flash drive design as become out of control. In this rather unique design, you get a “thumb” drive in every sense of the word. In this image we found, you can see the detail put into this thing. It’s actually kind of gross. We’re going to wait to purchase a finger themed USB flash drive until the middle finger ... Read More »

New Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales game coming to DS

Anyone who’s familiar with the Final Fantasy series of video games remembers the cute little chocobos and how entertaining they are. Square Enix announces the newest Final Fantasy game, Chocobo Tales, for the Nintendo DS Console, due out April 3, 2007. Chocobo Tales is said to have story line references which play back all the way to the original Final ... Read More »

Four-in-one Rotating Game Table: There’s more games than Foosball?!

What bachelor pad would be complete without this a Foosball table? How about a Four-in-one Rotating Game Table, including hockey, foosball, billiards, and dice football. Thats right. Cower in shame, normal foosball table. Each game locks into place to securely ensure your foosball game doesn’t get messed up at a crucial moment, god forbid. There is also the option of ... Read More »

Hitler Rug finally shows Nazi scum who’s boss

What says “Welcome to my home!” more then a rug that looks like the skinned corpse of Adolf Hitler? When waking up in the morning, the first thing we want to think about is the horrible mass slaughter of non-Aryan peoples. So the Hitler Rug works pretty well! This should be a sign to all evil dictators. If you continue ... Read More »