Thursday , 29 January 2015

Celrun FDN-2700 GPS looks pretty

Ok, we admit it. We are saps for pretty-looking gadgets. No matter how mediocre the actual gadget might be. Call us crazy, but this Celrun FDN-2700 GPS device is one slick looking piece of gear. Even though the 2700 will most likely never make it out of South Korea, we admire the 7″ LCD wide screen with sleek black framing. ... Read More »

Romain Jerome Watch made from Titanic remains

Romain Jerome is taking notes from fellow watch designers Krone, and starting to base a series of watches based on iconic events in history. The first model in the series is the Titanic DNA watch. The watch is made of oxidized steel from the remains of the Titanic, and titanium from the future Titanic II being constructed at Harland and ... Read More »

GE breaking into the digital camera market

General Electric announced its new venture into the digital camera market through a fleet of releases through General Imaging, a small manufacturer created by the former president of Olympus. GE will be producing a series of branded cameras, all with red eye removal and image stabilization, including a high end model called X-1 which will feature an 8 MP sensor, ... Read More »

Hyperdog Ball Launcher: High powered pet entertainment

Obesity has become a epidemic in many of the world’s leading countries. That’s right, our dogs are huge! Our “time is money” culture gives us very little time to spend giving our pets the proper exercise they need. The Hyperdog Ball Launcher makes sure that your pets’ balls travel to a far distance (giggle). Providing your pet with a further ... Read More »

R2-D2 Mailboxes: May the postal service be with you

Such an odd turn of events. R2-D2 finally getting his props as more than just some beeping robot in Star Wars. These R2-D2 themed mailboxes will help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars this year, and will be spread across America. They might not be a very accurate depiction of the R2 unit, but then again, what could a ... Read More »

First detailed review of Sony video Walkman NW-A800

It was only a while ago when we first saw Sony’s new re-designed video plus MP3 Walkman, our friends in Japan have already gotten their hands on one of them, and gave us a really detailed review. Instead of leaving you to struggle with online translators, we’re biometric over here. Read More »

Robot reveals how fish first slithered to shore

Not much is known about the early evolution of our fishy ancestors and their quest to coming above water, leading to dinosaurs, and eventually us humans. Scientists believe they have come a step closer to understand how our fishy relatives might have “crawled” ashore, with the help of a salamander-like robot. The 33-inch-long robot was chosen to resemble a salamander, ... Read More »