Friday , 31 October 2014

Nokia might as well buy Palm

It is an open secret that Palm is short of capital and resources, but recently there’s been noise coming out that Palm is in fact actively looking to be acquired, and Nokia is in talks with the company. Palm might be able to increase the momentum of product release, which is actually one of the reasons of the disappointing sales ... Read More »

DIY ear-endoscopy for everyone!

  We don’t know how many of you guys habitually  clean your own ears, some use cotton bud, some use fancy spectulas. The problem of doing that is that you can never see what’s inside… unless you’re performing on somebody else, which is pretty gross. In 2 days, Coden Japan  will start selling this easy-to-use ear endoscope-alike ear cleaning device ... Read More »

DoCoMo’s network puts ATT and Vodafone to shame

  Japan’s largest mobile operator NTT DoCoMo announced this morning that for the first time in the world, they have managed a 100% population 3G coverage with their WCDMA network. The last 2 villages with reception towers installed are both in Okinawa, where they don’t even speak proper Japanese. The towers will be powered up on Mar28. Take note that ... Read More »

Hand Grenade Oil Lamp: Pull the pin, throw the grenade

Made from actual U.S. Army surplus hand grenades, these Hand Grenade Oil Lamps are a unique addition to your home. They are available both in their natural color, or gilded in gold or silver. For an ultimate ice breaking surprise, chuck it at your house guest and sprint off as if running for your life. Available now for $50, or ... Read More »

500,000 Pages of The New Yorker: Should last you the year

The New Yorker isn’t exactly the most exciting publication on the planet, those of you who are fanatics about your city and state, or just a plain fan of The New Yorker style, will appreciate this new portable hard drive containing every single issue. This seems a tad overbearing for our needs, but fans of the periodical will surely be ... Read More »

Watch the Northern Lights live on your mobile

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most beautiful spectacles of nature, yet only a very small percentage of us ever get to see the spectacular beauty of the Northern Lights. Japanese mobile users just got even more lucky then they already are with the new Live!Aurora service. For ¥315 ($2.70)  a month, customers of the AU network can subscribe ... Read More »

GEEK ALERT: Batman obsession turns into Batman body mods

Thinking of the pain this man must  have endured for a tattoo on such a sensitive area of the body makes us cringe and shiver. As you can see, someone took their fanaticism of the Dark Knight a tad too far, brandishing Batwing eyebrow ink in the process. Now, we’ve known some pretty hardcore comic fans, but this is pretty ... Read More »

Grobag Egg changes color with temperature and incites Easter cheer

Easter is just around the corner and what better way is there to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead after his gruesome death than with eggs and bunny rabbits? Ok, well the Grobag Egg might not have any Jesus candy inside of its shell, but what it does do is a little cooler for us adults (and safer for the ... Read More »

Create your own Apple Rumor!

In lieu of the recent plethora of Apple and Mac related rumors, here’s a cool little web rumor mill. We spotted this really funny rumor generator while sifting through the Internet plankton. The Apple Rumor Generator takes a series of Apple derived words, and generates a rumor for the occasion. Here are some of the rumors we’ve created: A confirmed ... Read More »