Wednesday , 17 December 2014

Monaco Nokia 8800: ISSE Russia Special Edition

The Monaco Nokia 8800 stands out like the other Nokia special editions have. ISSE from Russia designs this 8800 permutation with sleek colors and shimmering jewels set into the face of the phone. ISSE is known for their jewelery design, which really shows on the Monaco. The luxury wristwatch like jewel design adds a certain grace to the phone that ... Read More »

Olympus P-1 DSLR teaser photos

Although not yet formally announced, the follow up to the Olympus E-1 is being codenamed P-1. Teasing us as they always do, here is some photos of the upcoming Olympus release. This thing looks solid as a rock and all of the knobs and buttons lead us to believe a feature full DSLR on the rise. The LCD screen can ... Read More »

Izumi INC-7000 Nose Washer to block booger reproduction

More Japanese inventiveness! Despite the title of this post, the Izumi Nose Washer does have a practical use, unlike some of the less useful Japanese inventions. With Spring around the corner, hay fever is a serious annoyance for millions of people worldwide. For those few hundred people who are actually willing to buy something this ridiculous, the Izumi could clear ... Read More »

DIY “Midi” (Kinda) Footpedal

Not exactly a true ‘midi’ pedal in the full sense of the word. The PCB used for the sound system is actually the old innards of a keyboard, connected through Radio Shack foot pedals that Myspacer, Tvkid, had to travel on a 60 mile marathon run, to find enough for his creation. Running the pedal system through a laptop through ... Read More »

Matsushita Vacuum Cleaner MC-P7000JX eats your dust

Matsushita really pumps up the vacuum with its new P7000. With the addition of a new brush to its suction opening, instead of the typical solo brush, the P7000 offers a solution for high powered vacuum needs. Each of the two brushes move in opposite directions, picking up any fleeing dust particles that cross its path. The P7000 also packs ... Read More »

12 Can Home Vending Machine: No change required

Having a vending machine in your home might not be the most practical of solutions for serving yourself and friends some cold beverages, but it’s a nice alternative to your typical white and bare refrigerator. All you have to do is fill up the machine with 12 cans of your favorite icy brew (soda, of course). Just press a button ... Read More »

Power off, lights still on

Not sure if you have ever noticed that some fluorescent lights do glow in the dark for a while after you’ve turned off the power, that’s because the excited particles (ions) take time to give out the light (photon) after being excited by electrical energy. NEC has extended this behavior of fluorescence material and apply it to their new Hotalook-alpha ... Read More »

Sarcar Solitaire Watch: Talk about BLING!

Jay-Z is going to want some of this ice. This Sarcar Solitaire watch integrates a nauseating amount of diamonds. A beautiful bezel one carat diamond revolves around a diamond ring, coated with a track of even more diamonds. Which is then laid on the face plate of even MORE diamonds. And so on and so forth. The watch strap is ... Read More »