Friday , 24 October 2014

External cellphone antenna for crappy indoor coverage

One of the reasons of choosing a cellphone operator over another would be coverage, but no matter how good the network is there are always blind spots, this is especially true when you are 3G users (higher frequency lower diffraction), out of the city center, or even in your own room sometimes. NTT DoCoMo has got it figured out and ... Read More »

Fiberoptic lamp brings the sun inside

Sunlight is a commodity only now being fully realized for its gigantic magnitude of energy resources. In fact, The Cold Light fiberoptics don’t even the sun as a power source. The light gets transfered to an indoor-friendly fluorescent glow. On display at the Haus der Forschung in Vienna, a headlining institute in research science, the Cold Light system, called “0-24 ... Read More »

First ZunePhone commercial released!

[ev type="youtube" data="zPFu9ezddyk"][/ev] For only $9, the ZunePhone can be yours! It’s INCREDIBLE! And don’t forget about Microsoft Paint! Steve Ballmer’s excited, so we’re excited! AHHHHHHHH! Too bad its a spoof. We’d so shell out the nine bucks. Will the ZunePhone ever be a reality? Sure, right after the iPhone becomes established enough for the ZunePhone to be a failure. ... Read More »

Awake Alarm Clock / Night Light to revolutionize sleep

“This product aims to redefine the alarm clock”. And if it does what it says it does, then the “Awake” will do that and more. With digital science progressing at every turn, there was no doubt that technology would soon evolve to aid sleeping patterns and relaxation, which is what designer Ming Hsu accomplishes here. The Awake is both an ... Read More »

World of Warcraft cake makes our mouths water: It’s amazing, WoW!

Not only do we love World of Warcraft, but we love eating cake too! Sometimes both at the same time. Posted on the ArsTechnica forum is this beautiful example of what a mixture of creativity and baking prowess can create. All we can say about this is….well, WoW! My good friend makes kick-ass cakes as a hobby. Last year she ... Read More »

Remote Controlled Pigeon: Watch out, they have a bird anus and aren’t afraid to use it!

Chinese scientists say they have discovered a way to remotely control a pigeon using electronic technology. Using micro electrodes implanted in the bird’s bird brain, the scientists can make it fly left, right, up, and down. Scientists stimulate the implants using a computer which stimulates each designated part of the brain. This is the first successful experiment of its kind, ... Read More »