March 3, 2015

First ever Universal Phone Charger

We no longer live in the time of one device call management. People these days own up to four phones sometimes because of their crazy work habits! Crazy, yes, but we’ve seen it happen. The first ever Universal Phone Charger is being shown this week at CEBIT. The AnyFix charger is the product of Prof. Luigi (fitting name for one ... Read More »

Smitten surgeon leaves her number in a way the patient will never forget

This is almost as scary as waking up in a bath tub with one of your kidneys missing. Or I guess the most romantic idea ever depending on your point of view. Handsome and wealthy Kurt Fulson never expected to have his surgeon creatively flirt with him. After taking a spill snowboarding, Fulson needed to have surgery performed to reconstruct ... Read More »

Laser Scissors: Always have neatly cut coupons

For some reason, some people (including me) have never learned how to master the art of cutting a straight line with scissors. Hand eye co-ordination has a way of deluding us the pleasure of a crisp straight cut. This simple gadget makes our linear instabilities easier to refine using a laser which projects a straight line onto the paper you ... Read More »

MadTV takes on Steve Jobs, Apple, and the U.S. government with the iRack

[ev type=”youtube” data=”o-KWYYIY4jQ”][/ev] Saturday Night Live rip-off sketch comedy troupe, MadTV, produced a parody last night of Steve Jobs’ Keynote Speech at Macworld. The thought of mixing politics with our precious gadgets enrages us, but the subject note was just too damn funny to resist. But if Jobs doesn’t stop feeding the iRack, it’s going to blow! And like other ... Read More »

Study: 30 inch screens increase efficiency and productivity…obviously

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty sir! A new study released shows that having a larger computer screen can increase efficiency and productivity compared to smaller screens. Well, you don’t say? Could it have something to do with having A LOT more room?! Don’t answer that question. It’s meant to be rhetorical. Gains in productivity were not only seen in the ... Read More »

HaCha R280S PMP media player

The Chinese are among the heaviest commuters in the world, and we know that commuters just love to watch themselves some movies. The Chinese-made HaCha R280S media player features a 16 million color 2.83-inch LTPS LCD display with a clear resolution of 320 x 240. The HaCha has around 4 hour playback for video, supporting WMA and AVI files, along ... Read More »

Silicon Power Vista Certified USB flash drive and memory card

Taiwan-based USB manufacturer Silicon Power announced its newest Touch 510 180x USB flash drive / memory family and its capability to support Microsoft Vista and its Ready Boost technology. The Vista Ready Boost system will allow users to use the Touch 180X as an extension of memory. Acting as a extra push for your system RAM while still being able ... Read More »

Coughing Screaming Ash Tray scares you into quitting

Smoking is a dirty and dangerous habit, yet one of the toughest and most popular ways of killing yourself. Cut out the extended suicide of cigarette smoking by buying your beloved smoker this Coughing Screaming Ash Tray. Every time they light up and start to ash into the tray, the fleshy lungs starts emitting a retched coughing fit and screams ... Read More »

Retro gamer belt buckles

Productdose has put together a cool little collection of retro gamer themed belt buckles which we would be honored to sport on our waists. Included are Pac-Man, Mario, Atari, and Space Invaders, plus a few more. Our favorites are pictured here, but we are in love with all of them so we recommend checking out the whole bunch. Read More »