Saturday , 30 August 2014

Tamagotchi-style Human Player is disturbing in a mini-me kind of way

Anyone who lived through the 90′s remembers the Tamagotchi virtual pet games. You couldn’t walk out the door without seeing ten children toting them. Now, from the same company that brought you the Tamagotchi, Bandai presents the Human Player, a virtual you. Before you start to play, you take a 50 question personality test that determines the actions of the ... Read More »

Icuiti VR920 makes us wonder why Geordi was so melancholy

Winner of the 2007 CES innovations award, the Icuiti VR920 brings us one step closer to a Star Trek-esque world of designer technological eye wear. The headset creates the illusion of watching a 62-inch screen from 9 feet away, with a resolution of 640×480. And from the look on the womans face, the picture looks as cool as it sounds. ... Read More »

Therabath Spa Petite keeps your hands soft to the touch

The Terabath Spa Petite is a 3-lb personal paraffin bath for you hands. You might be asking yourself, why the hell would I need something like this? The answers easy. For the geeky girls in your life, of course. Not only could the Petite work wonders on the old typing fingers, but your girlfriends would admire your effort at providing ... Read More »

Rumor: Nintendo Wii HD potential kept secret from public

The Inquirer reports that a drunk Nintendo representative was spewing at the mouth about the Wii GPU’s hi-def capability, even though the full potential is yet to be seen. So why DON’T we see the Wii slinging out high definition resolution? Apparently, for two reasons. The console can’t handle a reasonable frame rate for true HD quality and because the ... Read More »

SNES outselling PS3 on Amazon

Of all of the things we’ve seen this has got to be both the most and least surprising tidbit of information we have come across regarding PS3 sales. With dwindling PS3 sales, did anyone truly expect the console to be out sold by a legacy gaming system on the largest online retailer on the planet, Amazon? Sure, SNES was, and ... Read More »

R.I.P. Robert Adler: Inventor of the Remote Control

As gadget fans can testify, most gadgets wouldn’t be gadgets without the remotes that control them. What is a TV without a remote? Just a box with pictures, thats what. So, from one gadget fan to another, and on behalf of the tech community, Rest In Peace Mr. Adler (1913-2007). — Andrew Dobrow Robert Adler [Wikipedia] Read More »

Gigabyte GSmart q60 Smartphone, the t600′s pretty sister

Other then the DVB-T and DVB-H supporting t600, Gigabyte also produces the HSDPA supporting GSmart q60 Smartphone. The q60 was shown at 3GSM, and though not creating the fuss that the t600 has, is indeed a nice looking phone. The Gsmart is powered by an Intel PXA270 512 MHz and runs on the newest Windows Mobile 6 Pro OS. The ... Read More »

Canon PowerShot A640 Reviewed

LetsGoDigital has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A640 Digital Camera. The A640 is a 10 MP camera with a 4x optical zoom and is an addition to the Canon A-Series of cameras, which is geared towards reasonable price, accessibility, and high quality mechanics. Because of these goals the A-Series has become a popular line of camera among a broad spectrum of ... Read More »

MD.2 Pill Dispenser: Don’t forget your medicine!

Many complications of illness and in some occurrences, even death, could of been stopped if someone had not forgotten to take their medication. The effects of missing your medication can sometimes be just as bad as overdosing. The importance of this fact is one that is extremely under publicized. Though, with the advent of the MD.2 Pill Dispenser, remembering medication ... Read More »