Tuesday , 16 September 2014

ABC News Confirms: Sirius and XM merger is for real

ABC News has confirmed that satellite radio companies Sirius and XM are in fact close to a merger deal. With rumors floating around all day on a possible merger of the two super companies, ABC is the first major news media to confirm the rumors. Stay tuned for the latest Sirius/XM news. — Andrew Dobrow XM and Sirius near merger ... Read More »

USB Photo Cube for squares

There must be a USB for just about everything nowadays, but we are still yet to get sick of the wacky USB creations companies keep releasing. Here is the USB Desktop Digital Photo Cube. A cube that connects through any USB port and stores up to 30 of your photos, serving as a little desktop nook. The picture is really ... Read More »

Pixel art made with Rubik Cubes: Geekiest art form ever?

After coming across this art project using Rubik Cubes to create pixel art, we are pretty positive he have found the geekiest art form of all time. The innovations and uses of this classic strategy game never ceases to amaze, and these pixel portraits are no exception. The Space Invader artist is also known for their “urban invasion” of various ... Read More »

Omnipotent dryer for your matresses, your shoes… and your hair

If you happen to live in colder Asian countries where people sleep in thick, traditional cotton maresses, you will understand the hassle of cleaning them (the bulb) when it comes to summer. First they’re too heavy to bring to the dry cleaners (that will cost a couple of hotel dinners), secondly they’re too big to fit into your washing and ... Read More »

Wiimote and Classic Controller form a civil union: Is it Wii love?

We came across yet another Wiimote mod and couldn’t help ourselves to share it will all of our fellow gearheads. Budding mechanical engineer Chris Williams spent his weekend doing something only us gamers can dream about. Creating yet a new interesting way of controlling your Wii. A note to Kotaku from Williams: I’ve always hypothesized that the “mystery” button (un)connects ... Read More »

Wiiminder makes Wii browser interface easier and prettyful

[ev type="youtube" data="ytm3gZe1qOg"][/ev] While the Wii Opera browser runs circles around the competition, console browsing is still far from perfect. The good fellows at War Pipe Technology have rolled out some new web-based software to improve the gaming browsing experience. The Wiiminder adds tabbed browsing to the top of the page, which hides itself automatically. It also allows you to ... Read More »

The $6500 1GB MP3 Player: Gresso Symphonia Collection

Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Gresso has announced its newest snobby gadget. For people who expect nothing less then the finest materials comes the Gresso Symphonia Collection MP3 Player. What can possibly make a 1GB MP3 that expensive, you ask? You know we got your answer. With four different models, the Symphonia’s will be made with your choice of Blackwood and ... Read More »

Skull and Crossbone Toaster: Arrrgh, we hunger for jam, and then it’s a trip to the poop deck

We wonder if it was something like this that helped aid those eBay sellers in creating Jesus faced toast. The Skull and Crossbone Toaster brings you the best in pirate themed bread products. Branding a toasty skull symbol on the side of your breakfast. Isn’t a skull and crossbone the international sign for poison? Is that really something we want ... Read More »

Sharp EM ONE handheld for eMobile, new Japanese carrier

Today on the Japan mobile front. ADSL infrastructure company eAccess has announced its new mobile carrier for Japan, eMobile. For now, they will carry only one phone. The Sharp EM ONE. eMobile will skim its way into the Japanese market in March with a data-only HSDPA service, which by 2008 should grow to voice data as well. The Sharp EM ... Read More »