Wednesday , 30 July 2014

Spiderbrace Video Camera Stabilizer for the budding movie director

The Spiderbrace Camera Stabilizer is a nice alternative for movie making novices who don’t yet feel the need spending their lifetime savings on the proper camera gear. Camera stabilization is a key factor to a movies aesthetics, and the Spiderbrace is an effective solution. The Spiderbrace distributes the weight of a camera through out your body instead of laying most ... Read More »

World’s first cellphone supporting both DVB-T and DVB-H

Taiwanese cellphone company GIGABYTE has unveiled the world’s first cellphone that supports both DVB-T and DVB-H digital broadcasting standards. The t600 is also a smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional, the CPU is an Intel PXA270 520Mhz which is reasonably powerful. The t600 has 256MB ROM and 96MB RAM, external memory used here is microSD. In terms of ... Read More »

The Prosthetic with a brain

Bodyhack’s Randy Dotinga was an attendant of the AAAS conference, one of the largest scientific conferences in the world, and discusses his experience sitting on the panel of the neural implants and prosthetics. The conversation quickly changed to the evolution of brain science. One matter discussed was the ability of a prosthetic to not only just be an artificial limb ... Read More »

The Human Vending Machine

Japanese innovation. The Human Vending Machine is an oddity among a world engulfed with technological insight at every corner. This lo-fi vending machine, when compared to the Cmode vending machines of today which mix mobile phone technology with money transfer, might seems laughable, but we think it’s a strong statement. It might take you a few more minutes to get ... Read More »

iRiver X20 video player ups to 8GB now

  iRiver Japan announced the X20  multimedia player this afternoon. The X20 is reasonably small and light (98.5×49.0×14.8mm 71g), it spots a 2.2″ QVGA screen, stereo speaker and  micoSD slot.  The model will come in 2GB and 4GB, and to our excitement the company is also releasing a 8GB version that was not reported at CES. Read More »

Speaker phone over FM radio

We’ve all seen Bluetooth headsets for cellphones, we’ve also seen in-car speaker phone, a lot of us may also own an iTrip, now imagine putting all 3 together; you’ll end up listening to your own voice over the FM radio. Princeton Japan has announced this new in-car hands-free that borrows your car’s HiFi system as speaker for speaker phone, it ... Read More »

Vibrating shoes give relief to your aching feet

Shoes are a underrated importance of our everyday life. With the amount of time people are on their feet, us not included of course, peoples feet ache a lot more often then they admit too. The Good Vibrations Vibrating Shoes massage your feet and grant some relief to your constant erect position (sounds dirtier then meant). For $60, the rechargeable ... Read More »

Get you music on 200dB without waking up anyone: Yamaha Sound Projector

Yamaha has been working on an interesting sound delivery technology with their sound systems, they call this the “Sound Beam”, which essentially is a more focused chain of sound wave adjusted to give the loudest intensity to the listener and the listener only. With that, you will still be able to listen to your music at a house party with ... Read More »