Sunday , 23 November 2014

Double click by single clicking

For most of us that manage to land on this site, double-clicking on the mouse would not be a problem at all. However for first time PC users, it can be a bit tricky, some would even need to tweak the mouse settings at Control Panel, or some would simply choose to hit Enter to get what they want. Well, ... Read More »

Medication ‘Robot’ tooth implants

IntelliDrug, an IST Program project for creating a medicine dispenser the size of a tooth. The device would be able to be implanted in the mouth of the patient, where it would be able to gradually give a measured dose of medicine to fit the patient’s needs. Not the first body “robot” to be mentioned, the medication tooth worries us ... Read More »

Illuminated Rubik’s Cube changes pattern to music

These damn Rubik’s cubes might be damn near impossible if you’re not an obsessive kid with a super high memory, but some very cool products and projects get created through this 80’s puzzle wonder. This Illuminated Cube displays 27 different patterns of multicolored lights, which light up to the pattern of the music you are listening to, via internal speakers. ... Read More »

WESC x Nokia 3250 Designer Cellphone

Designer cellphones have been popping up out of the woodwork for the last year or so. They’ve shown an intriguing sense of mobile style and design. This special edition 3250 joins skateboard fashion company, WESC with mobile manufacture, Nokia, to produce a very pretty looking new model. This special edition of the popular Nokia 3250 with camera and music capabilities, ... Read More »

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic: marketing picture appears

UPDATE March 29, 2007: Nokia 5700 3G swivel music phone is for real. Exactly one month ago we showed you a design mock-up of an unknown XpressMusic swivel device from Nokia, last night we received a better and more official picture of the phone, supposedly to be called the 5700. Now we’re sure that the camera (with LED flash) is ... Read More »

Madrid’s no cellphone day

In response to rising cellphone charges, citizens in Madrid, Spain has gone on a no-cellphone campaign last week. It is really hard to imagine if you are from places where public phone booths are getting demolished to build new wireless towers. A lot of people in Madrid supported the campaign, but there were people spotted for using the phonebook off ... Read More »

Top 12 Weird Japanese inventions that never quite took off

Those Japanese are known for their prolific inventing. Though, being prolific doesn’t always mean being effective. As you can see from a few of the 12 pics collected, Japanese ingenuity always has its heart in the right place, but occasionally lacks a brain. Rain water collector Since 70% of the world covered in water isn’t enough. Read More »

Digital Hourglass sexes up the old fashioned sand

Hourglasses are known mostly for sitting on wizards desks and counting down how long people have left to live, but the Digital Hourglass should be known as one of the coolest time pieces ever. We love old ideas made anew. This is one of those products. The Digital Hourglass is a German design project from Susann Humann and Fabian Hemmert, ... Read More »