Club-Mate: The Last HOPE’s Drink Of Choice

Hackers are a different breed of humans. They’re not into vanilla cola or Red Bull energy drinks. They stay away from the mainstream bullshit and rarely leave their router-filled lairs. This is why a drink like Club-Mate (pronounced “Klub Mah-Tay”) is not only the drink of choice here at the Last HOPE Conference, but it’s also a big hit with the hacker crowd in Germany.

We bought one for four bucks, which is a reasonable price considering the size of this thing, but after trying it, we realized we prefer beer. And while the bottle claims it’s an acquired taste with “You get used to it!” printed on the label, we still prefer beer more! Beer is flavorful and makes all the ugly chicks look gorgeous. All that Club-Mate does is pump your body full of caffeine and make you twitch while you hunch over a computer. Like I said, great for hackers.

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