Wednesday , 22 October 2014

It’s Time to Go “Homey” with a New Voice-Controlled Home Automation System


In the past, the thought of speech-enabled home automation was a something people loved to watch on shows like The Jetsons or in science-fiction movies. Today though, voice-controlled, multi-function home-automation systems are actually available on the market and something that builders and homeowners can incorporate into new homes, no matter the size of the building. If you’re keen to learn ... Read More »

How to Maximize Conversion Rates Through Web Design


When it comes to selling products or services online, getting potential customers to click through to your company website is half the battle. The other half is converting those visits into sales by getting your visitors to stick around long enough to buy something. You may not realize it, but your website’s design can go a long way toward maximizing ... Read More »

Health Care Still Doesn’t Have the Data Security It Needs


More than 30 million personal medical records have been thieved from the “secure” servers of health care practices by hackers from around the globe. Health care information is immensely valuable — and not just to the patients and families to which it pertains, but to veritable strangers looking to make some money on the black market. Yet, despite the sensitivity ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Get Excited About 3D Printing


Despite being first developed in the mid-1980s, the 3D printing industry has really picked up pace over recent years with more uses developed and benefits discovered as time progresses. While the technology is still being integrated into various industries, there are a growing number of reasons to get excited about 3D printing. Here are five reasons we’re pumped up about ... Read More »