Payroll Made Easy with Automated Timekeeping

Time Sheet

It’s sad that some businesses still don’t realize that manual timekeeping systems can waste a lot of time and money. For example, how many labor hours are wasted when employees manually clock in for work? In many cases, especially for larger companies with hundreds of employees, it’s usually a few hours or even more. What of the time your payroll ...

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Eyes on the Sky: Quadcopter Aerial Photography Tips for First-Timers

Aerial Photography

There are so many innocent things you can do with drones that don’t involve spying on other people. And, for enthusiasts who love flying around, but don’t want to bother with a pilot’s license, the perfect hobby is: drone flying. Here’s how amateur drone enthusiasts do it and capture amazing footage. Get Altitude Most of the time, people want to ...

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How Important is Security for Online Businesses in 2016?


Security has always been an important aspect of doing business online. However, consumers are far more concerned about security when buying online now more than ever. Part of this is due to high profile cases of hackings and identity theft reported in the media, and the rest is explained by increased consumer awareness. It is highly unlikely that a consumer ...

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Tips to Prolong the Battery Life of Your Smartphone


Summer is here, which means you’ll likely be bouncing from one cookout to the next for the foreseeable future. This also means you may be using your GPS and text messaging more than ever. There are worse problems to have. After all, it’s a natural by-product of having a social life! But it also means that if you aren’t careful, ...

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Top 5 Romantic Destinations in Asia


Although romance is associated with European cities, many couples choose Asia as their honeymoon destination. The largest continent in the world has a lot of interesting and romantic places to offer. Everyone will find here something to their taste – from off-the-beaten-track tours for backpackers to luxury beach resorts for those who value comfort. If you’ve decided to spend your ...

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The Environmental Benefits of Kit Homes


As time progresses, construction companies have discovered better and more efficient methods of helping the earth. For example, one home in Singapore incorporates the natural ponds of the environment, and it places them into the home to cool it from the hot sun’s slanting rays. Outside of those interesting environmentally friendly methods of building a home, you can also purchase ...

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A Photographic Paradigm Shift: The Innovative Future of Taking Pictures


Over the course of decades, technology has taken the ‘expertise’ out of the hands of photographic experts and made the pastime of taking photos widely available to the public.  Polaroid cameras made pictures instantly available, and disposable cameras made it economically convenient to take a barrage of photos at a wedding, prom, family gathering, etc.  Today, any person with a ...

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Protect Your Smartphone From Damage and Threats


Everyone chooses a smartphone for a variety of reasons. Some are neckbeard-wearing, basement-dwelling geekazoids that want all the things for the fetishistic love of tech. At the other end of the spectrum are grandmas who just wanted the simplest phone they could find. But a smartphone was all that was available. For some people, the smartphone augments their landline and is ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Purchase the Fitbit Blaze Watch

Fit bit

To stay active and healthy, one can never go wrong in doing regular physical activities. In order to keep track of your progress, you may use a fitness tracker. There are a variety of fitness trackers out there, so you can easily choose one that suits all your needs and preferences. One of the activity trackers that is now out ...

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Will Driverless Cars Opt for Luxury Interior as Standard?

Google Car

Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality, as big names in the tech industry, including most prominently, Google is looking to get driverless cars on our roads in the next few years. There’s no denying that they’re an exciting concept and one that’s going to completely change the way we travel. But will driverless cars opt for a luxury interior ...

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