How Automation is Impacting Jobs and Wages

office worker

Automation has the potential to improve productivity while lowering overhead costs. There’s no question that automation will touch virtually every industry, but will it wipe out the human workforce entirely? In the future, robots could replace a human workforce. But for now, experts say that only about a quarter of jobs will be on the chopping block. Here’s how automation ...

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When can we Buy Homes Online?


In 1608, the Dutch eyeglass maker Hans Lipperhey was the first person to patent the telescope. It had up to 3x magnification. In the 400+ years since then, great minds ranging from Galileo to Carl Steinheil have improved on the original design. Today, we have the Hubble space telescope beaming back images of galaxies millions of miles away. Telescopes aren’t ...

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4 Technical Differences Between Free and Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms


If you have been thinking about switching from a free blogging platform to a self-hosted one, then it is important for you to understand the technical aspects of it. Let’s talk about a few major ones. 1. Costs Involved The first big difference between the two options is the cost to start them. As far as a free blogging platform ...

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Should You Use A Cable Material For The Stair Handrail?


Cable railings are a material that has been commercially used for quite some time now. Many commercial establishments use it because of its strength and durability. Not to mention, cable railing is sleek, which is perfect for the modern minimalist-industrial look. Today, cable railing is not only used in commercial establishments. It is also used in residential projects such as ...

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4 Simple Ways to Boost A Small Business’s Efficiency and Reputation

Know your business

A business is a professional environment, but it doesn’t have to be dark or dull. In fact, an office space needs to be as comfortable and inspiring as possible, no matter the size. There are many simple ways to improve the look and atmosphere of your small business, which will then boost you and your employees’ attitude, performance and overall ...

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Avoid a Data Breach Scare with These Tips

data breach

The topic of cyber security has become mainstreamed ever since a rash of high-profile hacks has targeted multinational corporations and even prominent political parties. Pocket-sized smartphones powerful enough to connect us face-to-face with people around the world are everywhere, and we even make purchases on our phones now too. While these devices are ubiquitous, it may be surprisingly rare to ...

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Modern Online Subscription-Based Stores Need This Tool

online subscription

The contemporary online retail market is a crowded and bustling place that has changed rapidly in short time and continues to evolve regularly. If you’re running a digitally native vertical business, it’s essential to identify the best tools to help you navigate online retail. Many such businesses are offering a subscription-based model, and having the right underlying platform will help ...

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How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry


The use of THC-infused(tetrahydrocannabinol) products is on the rise. Not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. As the hidden benefits of Cannabis-related products are being unearthed by researchers and scientists, more and more people are getting curious to try them out. From cannabidiol oil to CBD-specific gummies, the Cannabis industry is spreading its ...

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The Benefits of Using Queue-Based Lead Management Software in Sales


Motivating your Sales Development Reps (or SDRs) to hit their quota can be challenging, especially when the pressure is on them to pick the next lead to contact. Typically, they will choose from a list of leads generated by traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which not only takes time but also results in other leads being ignored. As SDRs ...

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