7 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Online Games

The risk and reward aspect of online gaming makes it exciting and thrilling. However, if you are chasing after wins, it is easy to lose track and get influenced to invest more money (especially if you are losing), hoping to get better, favourable outcomes.

Online games like casinos offer deals like 100 free spins for $1 or free credits upon registration, which are standard norms to encourage more registrations. It is vital to understand when things are working in your favour and the right time to stop. Often, upon losing money in online games, people tend to push their luck, trying to recover and earn more. 

Here are some common rookie mistakes to avoid when you are playing online games:

Not having a strong internet connection.

Gameplays like casinos aim to offer a real-life experience that can take a severe hit if your internet connection is not stable enough. The slow loading speed, delays and lags, and reduced gameplay experience can be incredibly frustrating. 

Aside from that, you will start slower than others and might have to hurry to catch up due to the lag. Before playing, ensure that your internet connection is stable and the games load as they should. It is best to avoid making payments if your internet connection is unstable to prevent unwanted deductions. 

Not reading the fine print. 

Online games are becoming more and more popular every day, and in the excitement of registering, claiming rewards and getting started with playing, many people overlook the rules and regulations associated with the game. It can turn out to be a costly mistake as you could be agreeing to terms that you might not fully understand or agree with. When registering on a platform, spend enough time familiarising yourself with its guidelines, regulations, and rules.  

Not protecting your information.

Online gaming platforms require players to create an account by registering with their private information. You will also be required to deposit money to be able to play these games. Ensure you are using a secondary account and setting strong passwords. Avoid using personal information like your real name or location in your username. Enable multiple authentications wherever possible to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, do not share your information with anyone else. 

Using public WiFi.

Public Wi-Fi is rarely secured with a strong password and necessary protocol set-ups. They are also vulnerable to hacking attempts, subjecting your private information to risk. Make sure that you are connecting to encrypted private networks that have adequate safety and security setups. For added peace of mind, consider using encrypted VPN or TOR networks to effectively mask your real ID and prevent hackers from getting to you. 

Not choosing the right platform. 

Whether you are playing an online game of cards or a casino game, the experience will differ based on the platforms you register with. Before registering to any platform, gauge if the platform is to your liking, what the gaming experience is like, and if the rules and regulations regarding security features and bonuses are feasible.

Not managing your time. 

Online games are lucrative and can be addictive. This makes it crucial to monitor your time playing these games. Set a certain time limit so you will be engaging with the game responsibly and avoid the urge to play that ‘one last game.’ Take frequent breaks by fitting the playtime into your schedule and not the other way around. 

Not respecting other players. 

Online gaming platforms allow players to interact with people from any part of the world. While this is a great way to network and meet new people, it shouldn’t be ignored that online gaming platforms can become a breeding ground for toxic behaviour. Be respectful of other players and avoid getting into verbal altercations. Choose peace of mind over interacting with people who might not understand your point of view.


Online games like casinos are fun to play and can also be rewarding. However, to make sure that you have an enjoyable gaming experience that doesn’t disrupt your routine, avoid overindulging. Drawing strict boundaries and adhering to them will ensure you can enjoy your wins while being active and present in your real life.

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