Future Trends in Wi-Fi technology

Wifi technology

Wi-Fi has been growing at a tremendous rate in current times. It has become a necessity for majority of the households and the need is not going anywhere soon. In fact, our dependency is increasing more and more as the time progresses. Consumer expectations are soaring as well with more of them looking forward to better speed, higher reliability and better connectivity.

With technological advancement at this pace, trends that have been anticipated by experts in the Wi-Fi technology are remarkable. It seeks to change the digital world for better. Nevertheless, here are 3 most important trends listed:

1.     Encrypted Wifi for protection of IoT

Internet of Things is anticipated to reach over 10 billion devices by the end of 2022. This is a phenomenal growth which will also increasing the demand in Wi-Fi devices. This means welcoming an era where most of the global Internet traffic will be based on Wi-Fi.

Till now, it has been incredibly difficult to connect numerous IoT devices to Wifi due to security concerns. However, experts have come up with ways to protect IoT. One of them is encrypting the Wi-Fi. For this, a VPN router for your home can be used to make sure the overall system remains as protected as possible.

2.     Adopt a mesh multi-network Mesh system

A mesh network system comes with multiple benefits and is one of the emerging technologies in the field of Wi-Fi. There is a direct connection of nodes in this system where there is a co-operation between network nodes to connect data from/with the clients. Such networks can be highly demanding in the future due to its low maintenance costs, less prone to errors, and self-configuration capabilities. The concept of this networking appeared during the 1980s, and since then, there has been gradual developments in the technology which makes the industry anticipate its benefits.

These Wi-Fi systems are made easier for users which have no prior experience in the technical field. The installation process is also simpler compared to the conventional systems. These systems can be highly beneficial in large spaces like warehouses and stadiums. Since they are expandable and scalable in nature, they can easily adapt the increasing needs and demands in the future. If successfully implemented in larger cities and towns, it can be one of the technologies that will leave a mark in the history of mankind.

3.     Wi-Fi beating LTE

There has been an ongoing contention between Wifi and LTE. Consumer selection is also diverse in this context but it has been anticipated that Wi-Fi will overtake LTE completely in the near future. LTE is limited in the sense that it costs 10 times more when it comes to deploying. Wi-Fi tends to offer more operation speeds and in most of the cases is free to the end consumer. LTE does operate optimally when outdoors but it fails in its performance whenever the user enters the inner part of the building. This acts as a major obstacle. Wi-Fi is designed to cater internal spaces as well which is a major advantage over LTE.

The benefits that Wi-Fi has been offering recently is setting to beat LTE on a major scale. This has also resulted in better production of Wi-Fi devices that tends to offer the customers in a better manner.


Here were some of the future trends in the Wi-Fi technology, but it is a non-exhaustive list. There is a lot more to come that most of the lay people cannot even comprehend. Countless developments are going on the industry that will tend to change the technological landscape.

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