Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch looks like rotary phone


Us nerds are always on the look out for funky new watches to don on our wrists. This Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch is no different. Designed to look like an old time telephone, the retro-themed watch will be sure to draw attention to your overused wrist.

The watch tells time like no other. To hear what time it is, you must dial 117 on the rotary style keys, at which point, a voice speaks from the speaker in the center of the watch, dictating the time. If you ring a wrong number, the oh-so-familiar voice clocks in giving the spiel, “We’re sorry, the number you have dialed can not be reached at this time…” Available now for $52. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. WOW now that is something you dont see everyday! very nice indeed, My mate has one of these and she wears it all the time! a great retro watch in my mind, worth an 8/10 for originality!

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