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Garmin Forerunner Watches Predict Race Times!

Garmin Forerunner watches

If you're a runner, whether you run for fun or because you just have to, you will want to check out the Garmin Forerunner watches. The new Garmin Forerunner watches, the 220 and the 620, are a little something new for runners who like to push beyond their limits.

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Gorgeous Mystery and Moontek Watches

These gorgeous futuristic watches by designer Jacques Fournier caught my eye because of their modern style and sleek finish. The Mystery features four different time zones on four separate face plates while the Moontek is slightly more conventional, featuring a gorgeous Tourbillon and a jumping hour feature inspired by space travel, a feature everybody will need when we’re all evacuated ...

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Italian Design: TooLate Watches

In need of a new watch but sick of what Swatch is offering? Armatron not really your thing? Try out TooLate, an Italian watch company that’s recently brought its designs across the pond to our shores. Each watch is only $30 and is waterproof. There’s the time and date and nothing more. Very minimalist, but then again, so is time. ...

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And You Thought TokyoFlash Was Bad

Just when you thought the Infection or the Negative were hard-to-read watches, in comes Storm’s Ambition wristwatch. It’s just a bunch of slits in a slab of metal. That is, until you power it up and the time shines through like the LEDs from your 1988 alarm clock. The Ambition comes in silver, black, brown or red finishes and retails ...

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Recycled Skate Deck Watch

Nixon is planning to release a watch made from recycled skateboard decks. Part of Nixon’s Rotolog collection, the RePly watch features a colorful wristband and a stylish analog display. Skateboard enthusiasts are bound to go nuts for this thing even though it’s not waterproof and the colored stripes look pretty ridiculous. Nixon hasn’t announced when the watch will actually go ...

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Casio’s Steampunk Watch

You’ve got your Steampunk shoes, cane, and even the Steampunk gas mask, so why not complete the look by getting yourself a Steampunk watch? Casio’s G-Shock line of timepieces is wildly popular for its funky modern styling, but the new G8100A-5 uses bronze-colored aluminum and rubber to create a blend between high-tech and retro that’s bound to be irresistible to ...

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Roulette Watch Gambles Away Your Time

What’s with gamblers and watches? This is the second gambling theme watch we’ve seen, the other being the excellent Girard Perregaux Jackpot watch. Though unlike the Jackpot, the Roulette Watch scuttles away from the slot machine to the exciting spinning roulette table.

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Lego Star Wars Watches Will Blow Geek’s Minds

When it comes to geeks, nothing beats Legos and Star Wars. Now you can have the best of both worlds on your wrist at all times. Choose from Darth Vader, R2-D2, Clone Trooper and Luke Skywalker models. Each watch features quartz movement and water resistance for up to 50 meters. Available for $19.99 apiece. And, like most Star Wars products, ...

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Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch looks like rotary phone

Us nerds are always on the look out for funky new watches to don on our wrists. This Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch is no different. Designed to look like an old time telephone, the retro-themed watch will be sure to draw attention to your overused wrist. The watch tells time like no other. To hear what time it is, you ...

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