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Retro Rotary iPhone Dock: Tonight We’re Gonna Call Like It’s 1939

Have you been looking for that perfect way to introduce grandma to the 21st century? The iRetrofone Base makes it an easier transition from rotary phone to iPhone. Or just adds a nice retro touch to your mancave. Each handmade iRetrofone is sculpted and cast one at a time out of resin. Compatible with all iPhone models, the base allows ...

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Rotary-Style iPhone

Jailbreaking your iPhone is the norm nowadays. I’m pretty sure no one with an iPhone would be caught dead without some sort of third-party application installed. If you’re a fan of keeping it simple or kicking it old school, check out iDial, a rotary phone application for Apple’s Jesus Phone. Add it to your iPhone and you’ll be able to ...

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Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Calls?

These creepy sheep are part of an art installation in Creepsville. If you take a closer look, you’ll see the head of each animal has been replaced with a rotary phone circa 1955. Their legs are made up of handsets and the wool is actually a bunch of intertwined phone cords. Who knew such a piece of shit could become ...

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Port-O-Rotary Phone Takes A SIM For The Team

� While there have been attempts to bring the rotary phone into the modern age, and even attempts at retaining the rotary dial design as fashionable, none has been successful at making a rebirth of the device which used to be the norm. The Port-O-Rotary adds in SIM card capability, allowing you to bring your clunky rotary phone on the ...

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Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch looks like rotary phone

Us nerds are always on the look out for funky new watches to don on our wrists. This Zihotech Showa Wrist Watch is no different. Designed to look like an old time telephone, the retro-themed watch will be sure to draw attention to your overused wrist. The watch tells time like no other. To hear what time it is, you ...

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