You Better Have A Lead Belly For RainDrops

I can see how drinking rain water would be a life saver when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and your options are limited. On the other hand, drinking rain water that’s collected from your gutter doesn’t sound too refreshing. That’s what Rain Drops, the cheap rainwater harvesting system, proposes.

It’s essentially a series of two liter cola bottles connected to your gutters. Which means, all of that fine bacteria that not only pollutes the skies but also builds up in your gutters, will now be in your drinking water. That’s not to say that tap water is much better than rain water, but if you’re going to be drinking it, you might want to add some sort of sterilization procedure in to the whole design.

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  1. Did you guys even read the design description? It uses UV filtration.

  2. UV filtration aside, consider the plastic bottles sitting in the sun all day. Could harmful particles seep in to the water because of the heated plastic?

  3. They’re not drinking the water. They’re reusing water bottles to collect rain water to wash their hands with. If they wanted to drink it, they would just drain a bottle into a pot and boil it.

  4. You’re making me thirsty.

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