Wiimote door unlocker says “open sesame”

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There used to be only two major ways to unlock a door. With a key or with a contact card, like used in hotels and high-security areas. You can now add the Wiimote to your list of entry methods. Using a combination of FreeBSD 6.2, an AVIOSYS IP motor, Sony RC-S320, the Wii remote, and some BT dongle.

To authenticate users, this system uses MAC addr (FeliCa IDm/NFCID2 or Bluetooth address), so it�s not so secure just yet. The system currently has 25 IDs and is used everyday at UEC MMA. The small white square seen at the bottom-left corner of the window is a FeliCa reader/writer PaSoRi(SONY RC-S320).


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