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Freedom Stick Could Cause The Opposite

Going to Beijing for the upcoming Olympic games? Well, if you weren’t aware, China is not a democracy. Their nation-wide firewall leaves access to certain websites blocked, dulling your internet experience. No worries, thanks to Germany’s Chaos Computer Club’s USB dongle dubbed The Freedom Stick. For just $30, this device is preloaded with software which will secure your connection, routing ...

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LEGO USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle

Messing with LEGOs is good times, even if you’re 53. That’s why some geek in Germany turned a few 2×2 transparent bricks (of a variety of colors) into high speed Bluetooth adapters. On sale in limited quantity, these bricks are priced at about $50 before shipping and handling. They’ll give you that “I’m an 8-year-old!” look and at the same ...

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Wiimote door unlocker says “open sesame”

[ev type=”youtube” data=”ksi4jm_Gkjk”][/ev] There used to be only two major ways to unlock a door. With a key or with a contact card, like used in hotels and high-security areas. You can now add the Wiimote to your list of entry methods. Using a combination of FreeBSD 6.2, an AVIOSYS IP motor, Sony RC-S320, the Wii remote, and some BT ...

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