Whopper Sacrifice

Are you on the popular social networking website Facebook? I am. I added Burger King’s new Whopper Sacrifice application yesterday too and deleted 10 of my friends in exchange for a free Whooper. Each time you delete a friend, their Facebook photo burns up in a series of faux flames and they are notified via email that you deleted them because you’d rather have a Whopper.

It really wasn’t tough finding ten people on Facebook that I wanted to delete. I just needed a reason and a juicy burger was sufficient enough. This is one of the most twisted, yet delicious, marketing ploys I’ve ever encountered.


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  1. I don’t think you’re alone in not having a tough time finding 10 people to delete. Every Facebook user probably has a list of friends that they don’t really associate with anymore or care to follow their updates, so it was smart of BK to tap into this desire and get some press coverage out of it in the process!


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