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8 Friends GIF’s We Love


Whether you were around for the original airings or whether you got addicted through the DVD's, there is something absolutely epic about Friends. Check out 8 of our favorite Friends GIF's.

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Whopper Sacrifice

Are you on the popular social networking website Facebook? I am. I added Burger King’s new Whopper Sacrifice application yesterday too and deleted 10 of my friends in exchange for a free Whooper. Each time you delete a friend, their Facebook photo burns up in a series of faux flames and they are notified via email that you deleted them ...

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Expand Your Social Network With Poken

These adorable little devices called Poken are used to exchange social networking info among new found friends who have their own Poken. No one cares to jot down email addresses, user IDs and screen names when they’re in a rush. So, the Poken have been created as a quick way to exchange such information in a matter of seconds. All ...

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