Wheel of Nutrition Dinnerware: Portion Control Made Easy

I’ve always been honest with my readers. I have a bit of a weight problem. I mean, I’m not confined to my bed or anything even near that, but I certainly have a little baggage I’d be willing to part with. With that said, the biggest part of losing weight for me has always been a combination between portion control and physical activity. You can forget those high-protein, low-carb type fad diets. They’re really a flash in the pan. You need to change the way you eat for good.

The Wheel of Nutrition plates divide your eating style into three different categories: Super Size, Extra Ordinary and The Diet. Each plate displays a pie chart explaining the ratio of food you should be eating depending on your current eating style. I’m currently off the wagon, so I’m pretty much an ordinary eater. Overeating was never my main problem. It’s eating the wrong things (too many Oreos, not enough lettuce) and moving around less than a quadriplegic.

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