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Giant Toothbrush Dish Brush Protects Your Dinnerware From Gingivitis

I, for one, am sick of having my dishes breathe in my face with their stank-ass breath. It’s one thing to allow yourself to let the day-old ketchup get all crusty all over themselves, but when their oral hygiene starts to suffer, that’s where I have to draw the line. The Giant Toothbrush Dish Brush not only saves your dishes ...

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Wheel of Nutrition Dinnerware: Portion Control Made Easy

I’ve always been honest with my readers. I have a bit of a weight problem. I mean, I’m not confined to my bed or anything even near that, but I certainly have a little baggage I’d be willing to part with. With that said, the biggest part of losing weight for me has always been a combination between portion control ...

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Star Wars Porcelain China Plates: Only For Special Occasions

There are maybe two or three times a year that call for the special fine china. But those days call for something especially elegant and delicate – two traits us geeks aren’t known to posses. These Star WarsPorcelainchina plates allow us to both reflect our true nature and not feel all stuck-up and snobby in the process of trying to ...

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Food Face Dinner Plates: Play With Your Food, Please

Combine the activities of Wooly Willy and playing with your food and you’ll have something similar to these awesome Food Face Dinner Plates. These plates not only encourage playing with your food, but they demand it. The Food Face Dinner Plate allows children to explore their creativity and allows us adults to add another great toy to our own collection. ...

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Serious Gaming Prepares L.A. For The Big One

Los Angeles is a focal point for earthquakes and it’ll be no surprise to scientists when another one hits the San Andreas Fault in the future. When it comes to ground trembling geological faults, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s where Aftershock comes in. Aftershock is a game based on a 300-page U.S. Geological Survey that details how screwed L.A. ...

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