Serious Gaming Prepares L.A. For The Big One

Los Angeles is a focal point for earthquakes and it’ll be no surprise to scientists when another one hits the San Andreas Fault in the future. When it comes to ground trembling geological faults, you’ve got to be prepared.

That’s where Aftershock comes in. Aftershock is a game based on a 300-page U.S. Geological Survey that details how screwed L.A. would be if another devastating earthquake hit. The Institute for the Future and Art Center College of Design does not want L.A. to be caught with its pants down. So, Aftershock has been created as an interactive training system that will not only increase awareness, but change people’s behavior towards earthquakes.

“Think of the scenario as DOS,” said Jason Tester, the lead game designer at the IFTF. “[Aftershock] is like the GUI to the scenario.”

Well put, Mr. Tester.


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