Scientists Using Macbooks To Detect Earthquakes In The OC


Scientists are predicting that in 30 years, California is going to get seriously twisted. Now I’m not talking about having one too many shots of Patron here; I’m talking about horrific natural disasters known as earthquakes. Lucky for Apple fanboys living out west, your Macbook may end up saving the lives of thousands of people.A team of researchers from the Quake Catcher Network at Stanford have developed software that allows the internal accelerometer in Apple laptops to measure and analyze shakes. Before start crying about how your girlfriend bumps into your nightstand on a daily basis, you should know that minor bumps and shuffles will be ignored by the software. In time, the collection of readings should help the group better predict earthquakes and their patterns, thus improving warning times for area residents.

Sorry for calling Orange County “The OC” but I’m sure you Californians will smoke enough grass to get over it.


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