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The Wrong Case: Energy Consumption and Television

The LA Times is running a piece about how flat-screen televisions aren’t energy efficient and how California is going to impose rules on energy consumption and all that other hippie shit. I call bullshit. Know why? Because less than 5 years ago, no one had a flat-screen HDTV except the extremely wealthy. Everyone had those old, shitty, big ass CRT ...

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Math Teacher Uses Advertising On Exams

Oh yes. The United States is most certainly in a recession right now. Times are tough and everyone is going broke. Teachers, in particular, are feeling the heat as they look for a way to offset the cost of items for their students. School budgets can’t cover everything, after all. In comes San Diego, CA-based teacher Tom Farber. He teaches ...

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Serious Gaming Prepares L.A. For The Big One

Los Angeles is a focal point for earthquakes and it’ll be no surprise to scientists when another one hits the San Andreas Fault in the future. When it comes to ground trembling geological faults, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s where Aftershock comes in. Aftershock is a game based on a 300-page U.S. Geological Survey that details how screwed L.A. ...

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California Academy of Sciences

I know, I know. I keep thinking this photo is some leftover crew picture from the original Jurassic Park. It looks like a wild zoo of sorts too, doesn’t it? It’s neither. It’s the newly designed California Academy of Sciences. I used to go to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia but goddamn this has so much more. Hit ...

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The Biggest Douche: Clayton, California Edition

Our douche of the week award goes to Mayor Gregg Manning from Clayton, California. He ordered city police to raid a fruit stand that two little kids (I mean like, little kids here) were running. He cites it as a traffic hazard and some bullshit commerce laws. Check out what Sir Douche himself had to say: Clayton Mayor Gregg Manning ...

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Best Buy Will Pair Your Bluetooth Headset For $10

I’m vocal about how much I hate Best Buy usually. The company tends to price gouge and offer terrible customer service. And Geek Squad? Don’t even get me started. Soon, it is going to find itself doing a long-overdue restructuring that will help it retain customers instead of losing them. In the meantime, check this out: For $9.99, Best Buy ...

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