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Guy Creates a Telegraph Using Only Natural Materials Found in the Woods

Using only natural materials found on the ground of New Jersey’s woods, and with no modern tools, Jamie OShea created a functioning telegraph. O’Shea had set out to prove that modern day electronic communication methods could have been discovered by early man. His conclusion? They could have, but they didn’t. With the Immaculate Telegraphy project, O’Shea used natural materials to ...

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Everyone Wants a Log: Cuddling Up With Slabs of Wood

These wooden log pillows are perfect for beavers, cuddling humans and cuddling beaver-human hybrids alike. The design of the pillow imitates stubs of the cottonwood tree chewed down by our wood-loving friend, the beaver. Even better, they totally go with your natural pillow motif. The wooden graphics are physically knitted, rather than printed, giving each pillow a little custom touch. ...

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Pepsi Natural: An Alternative For The Rest Of Us

It’s late at night and your World of Warcraft raid just started. You’re tired and know the only way you’re getting those sweet, sweet epics is to gulp caffeine until your stomach hurts. Instead of reaching for the standard fare, like Red Bull, why not give Pepsi a try? I’m not talking about your standard Pepsi here, I’m talking about ...

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Serious Gaming Prepares L.A. For The Big One

Los Angeles is a focal point for earthquakes and it’ll be no surprise to scientists when another one hits the San Andreas Fault in the future. When it comes to ground trembling geological faults, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s where Aftershock comes in. Aftershock is a game based on a 300-page U.S. Geological Survey that details how screwed L.A. ...

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The Lamp That Adjusts To Your Surroundings

Every now and then there comes a lamp that makes me tingle. I’m not referring to the Smoon Ombrella or the Centipede Lamp, though those two are weird in their own right. Designer Chris Natt was fed up with varying levels of light in his work environment, so he made this lamp, the Stimuli 3.0, that will keep the light ...

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