What Does “NFS” Mean on Instagram?

NFS” Mean on Instagram

Acronyms and abbreviations are a part of social media and online culture. From simple acronyms like “BRB” and “TTYL,” which became a common texting language, to NFS, a common term is recurring on Instagram.

Although this particular acronym has an official meaning, you’d be surprised to know that NFS is perceived in multiple ways on Instagram and other social media platforms.

We will discuss more in this detailed article for new users who have no clue what it means.

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Meaning of “NFS” on Instagram

More than a standard social media platform, Instagram has now become a lot more commercialized. Influencers leverage this platform to grow their brand, acquire sponsorships and make a career out of the whole debacle.

Similarly, brands use Instagram to promote their product, hold effective marketing campaigns and get their products’ names out there.

The original meaning of NFS stands for Not for Sale. This is a particular tag or a mention that businesses use on Instagram to depict which products are available and which ones are already sold or not for sale.

However, despite having such a straightforward explanation, many Instagram users use NFS in other contexts too. We will highlight more on that in the next section.

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Here is a List of Other Meanings of “NFS” on Instagram

As we mentioned, it is not just the businesses that use NFS in their posts as an acronym. Standard Instagram users often use it to depict other meanings in their posts.

If you are sitting there confused as to what NFS stands for in a particular post, we have all the potential explanations lined up for you:

1. NFS – Not for Sale

Not for Sale is the official meaning of NFS that Instagram businesses use to sort out the products they are selling and the ones that are either already sold or not for sale. Most of the time, you will find these tags in artist or designer accounts where they share their art or clothing for artistic purposes and not for sale.

Mentioning the NFS tag in the post’s caption alerts the users that the product in the image isn’t up for grabs.

2. NFS – No Funny Stuff

If you want to keep this PG-13, this one also translates to No Funny Shit. Unlike the previous one, which is openly used in Instagram captions to alert the viewers and audience, this one is often limited to Instagram DMs.

It is very common in the hook-up or dating culture on social media wherein people who mention NFS indicate that they aren’t interested in hooking up or dating. Additionally, if you send someone a joke (one that’s offensive) and they send NFS, it indicates that they don’t wish to prolong the conversation.

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3. NFS – No Filter Squad

Often used in the tags in Instagram posts and videos, No Filter Squad depicts “all-natural” images with no filters. This kind of hashtag is often used by Instagram users centered around self-love and body positivity.

You will also find several users using this hashtag to express their confidence in their appearance, suggesting that they don’t rely on filters to make themselves look beautiful.

4. NFS – No Filter Story

While the previous hashtag is generally used in the grid posts, the No Filter Story applies to the Instagram story you just put out. It indicates and lets the other users know that you aren’t using any kind of filter in the Instagram story you just made.

This applies to the edits as well. So, not only does the story not have any filters, but it also doesn’t have any edits.

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5. NFS – Not for Sure

Remember the abbreviated texting language we talked about at the beginning of the article? Not for Sure or NFS is a similar short-form popular among teens when texting friends or other Instagram users.

Mentioning NFS or Not for Sure indicates that the user isn’t 100% sure about a situation or something being discussed between both parties. It could be in the comments, the caption, or even the Instagram DMs.

6. NFS – No Followers Syndrome

Instagram has become very commercialized and number-driven. While people initially started Instagram because it was fun, now things are all about numbers. People are focused on the number of followers they have, the views they get, or the likes and comments they get on a post.

If you find someone mentioning No Followers Syndrome in their Instagram post or caption, it indicates that they are over the whole debacle of numbers and simply want to post on the platform to share personal memories with others.

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7. NFS – Not for Sharing

This one is again limited to Instagram DMs. If you have someone send you a photo, video, or even a text and mention Not for Sharing next, it means that they don’t want to broadcast the information to the world.

In such cases, you’d have to handle the information extremely carefully. Avoid telling it to other people without permission. Doing so otherwise is like breaking the trust of people.

8. NFS – Need for Speed

Let us shift our focus a little bit. If you find Need for Speed in someone’s Instagram caption, you can conclude that they are into cars, racing, and Formula 1.

The acronym often depicts the efficiency of fast cars, popular racing cars, etc. So, following this hashtag will better curate your dash if you are into such content.

9. NFS – Nice F**king Shot

This one is a recurring mention in the photography niche on Instagram. Given how creative and amazing the photographers are, it isn’t surprising that the comment is filled with strings of NFS, suggesting that the shot is sick.

It is an exaggerated and enthusiastic way of letting the photographer know their shot is unique and amazing.

10. NFS – Not Feeling Sober

Another popular acronym NFS depicts how sober one is after a wild night. Besides writing it in the posts, the acronym is also commonly used during private conversations and text messages.

So, if you have someone message you NFS after an image of them driving, it means that they aren’t feeling sober at the moment.

11. NFS – Not Feeling Social

Every one of us has a limited social battery, and sometimes, we run out. Mentioning Not feeling Social in Instagram posts or DMs to other people clearly indicates that one is not feeling social enough to be around or talk to people.

12. NFS – National Food & Safety

This is again a business-specific term or hashtag used by the food business to clarify that their products are up to date with all the specified regulations surrounding food safety.

13. NFS – Network File System

If you are looking for this around Instagram, you won’t find any because it’s not Instagram knowledge. This is a fairly common terminology used in the computer world.


NFS has multiple meanings, both in and out of Instagram. If you were confused about what it means, we hope this article gives you all the information you need to keep yourself updated about the latest social media lingo. So, the next time you are on Instagram, you will know what NFS means in the context of the post or message.

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