Snapchat Keeps Crashing? Learn how to fix it in a few easy steps

Why Does my Snapchat Keep Crashing?

There could be several reasons why your Snapchat app keeps stopping mid-way. Most of the reasons are temporary if you have a good enough device. We know how important it is for you to keep Snapchat working at all times, so we have just the solutions for you. 

There might be a lot of reasons why your Snapchat is crashing. You should try all these out and if none of them work then there could be a slight possibility that the app server is down, check with your friends and if that is not the case then your phone needs to be changed.

We have very easy ways for you to be able to fix this problem, we are sure that at least one of them is supposed to work.

If your Snapchat is crashing without any care in the world then this is what you should do.

Ways to Overcome with Snapchat Crashing Problem

how to fix it in a few easy steps
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We have a list of solutions for you to keep your Snapchat working at all times, there are easy ways to fix Snapchat if it keeps crashing on your device. 

1. Closing Current Apps

Getting rid of Snapchat, i.e closing the app on your android phone can be the simplest solution for this. It often happens that your phone might coerce your device to go in an idle mode just after the recent apps menu. This causes your phone to crash whenever you try to open it. In that situation, you should close Snapchat from the wedge of recent apps and then try to start it again in a bit.

On Android 

On an Android phone you have to click the overview button and/or hold the bottom button on the screen (do the latter for android 10) Then you need to locate the Snapchat app from recent apps, swipe to close it. Clear all your recent apps and then launch them again.

On iPhone 

Force close on it, the double-tap home option will show you all the open apps on the screen, you can swipe up on all of them. After which you just need to rehash Snapchat and check if it’s working.

This was the most obvious solution if this doesn’t work then keep reading to find out what will.

2. Update Snapchat

You will have to go to the app store and check if any updates are available, every day the app store worlds change their ways, you need to catch up. App stores are constantly trying to remove existing bugs in their apps so that the users can enjoy the apps more. When there is trouble the developers are hellbent on correcting it. This also happens if you have recently upgraded your device’s software. There is a chance that Snapchat isn’t able to match with the update so if it keeps crashing go to your app store in your android or iPhone and update the Snapchat app.

  • Start the app on your device; App store if you have an iPhone and play store if you have an android. 
  • Locate for Snapchat and find the app 
  • Click update to have the app’s recent update installed
  • Launch Snapchat after the download is done and see if it made any difference 

3. Clear Snap chat’s cache files

On android phones sometimes it happens that you have a lot of various cache files that are stored in its memory that might cause Snapchat to stop working or the other reason could be that the files are corrupted. The fastest way to fix this is by cleaning up the cache files. This is how you do it. Let’s walk through how-

  • You have to go to settings and click the apps and notifications 
  • Click on all apps link to see your apps
  • Find Snapchat and launch it 
  • Select storage and cache and erase the cache files

You also have the option to do that on your iPhone but it can only be done by accessing the app and since your Snapchat is not working you have no luck. Read on for another solution.

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4. Restart your Phone

Most problems can be solved by switching off and then switching on your device, your device might not have any rest for a while, this will do it. Even though it consumes little bit of your effort, a fresh on and off restart will refresh the hardware and software of your device, it’s like giving your device a power nap. If your Snapchat is still crashing after the first few steps then just do this-

  • Reboot your android/iPhone by pressing the power button long enough for it to show you the power menu
  • On android phones, you have to tap on the restart/reboot option, and on iOS you have to swipe up.

Launch Snapchat again and see if it works, it doesn’t then don’t worry we aren’t done yet.

5. Install the newest software update

If Snapchat is still crashing on your iPhone 7/11 or any other Android app you will have then you might not be using the best software. Many users complain that the crashing of this particular app is frequent. 

You can always upgrade your phone in terms of its software and you must. Updating your software is important without having to fix the bugs on your Snapchat, here are ways to do it-

For Android

  • Go to settings, go in systems and then go to system update  

For iPhone

  • Go to the settings, then the general, and then go to the system update.

In both cases make sure you are connected to a wifi network and you have plugged in your charger.

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6. Uninstall forbidden apps

This is for android, have you installed an app that is not from the android app store? This could be the grounds for your Snapchat to keep crashing. First of all the apps that are not verified can destabilize your device and if you have downloaded that then please remove them as soon as you can. Please avoid downloading apps that are not from the play store, android phones are very prone to viruses. See if deleting the app is making the app work better.

7. Delete and reinstall Snapchat

If you are still reading then your problem is not solved yet but we were saving the best for the last. We know this might have been hard but this solution is harder. You will have to start from the initial point to make it launch again. Delete Snapchat and reinstall it again, this is the only way. It might erase the app data but it will not touch anything on your gallery or your account. Just follow the steps.

Remember when you install these apps from invalid sites you are making your phone quite vulnerable. It is at the risk of data theft, spyware and malware issues and is an open target for hackers.

On iPhone:

  • Locate Snapchat on the phone and then long-press on it 
  • Tap delete to uninstall it 
  • Now go to the app store and install it again

On Android:

  • Open the Android App store 
  • Search for the official Snapchat app 
  • Uninstall it from there 
  • Wait for a while and then reinstall it

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Our recommendation is that if none of these things have worked for you then you might need a phone or a friend’s confirmation that the app is down at the moment. The chances of the latter are slim but not unbelievable. So if everything has destabilized it is probably because your device has issues that might be bigger than your Snapchat not working. 

We are pretty sure that this has saved your Snapchat and you can send your friends multiple photos of you enjoying the app again. 

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