Best Snapchat Saver Apps For Android Devices

Sharing fun photos, videos, and stories with friends are fun with Snapchat that has changed the entire concept of messaging and discovering new content. Snapchat saver 2020 comes with excellent features letting you have more fun social networking online. Stories, photos, videos do not disappear with the use of these apps, and there is more to what you can do with the content you create. They simplify what you wish to do with the content you create or discover. 


The most popular app in Snapchat lets you save snaps, videos, and stories. Save messages you receive with this app. Available for Android and iOS users, lets you save content received before you open it. View the content anytime, at your pace with this app installed. A third-party app you can download online and save photos, videos, and stories. A paid app that comes for a few dollars that won’t burn your pockets and lets you save loads of snap chats in a jiffy.

Casper – Screen Recorder

Save stories and snaps with this app which has an interface similar to Snapchat. It adds features to SnapChat such as forward, edit, stickers, and lets you perform other tasks on the app. Use a different email id to sign-in to Casper as the app is not authorized by SnapChat but is widely used by Android users. It is easy to export saved snaps to phone gallery as well as other media storage. 

Snap Box

This is the best app to save Snapchat videos. It lets you download and save all the snaps forever. Photos and videos that are unopened in Snapchat can be saved with this app. Whenever a pic or video is downloaded from Snapchat, the sender won’t be notified. It is easy to download, install, and use this app without any hassle. 


An elegant and easy-to-use app that lets you take the best screenshots and HD record screens within a snap. A superfast app that does not send notifications to your device whenever you take a screenshot from recorded videos or screens. It comes with many features such as trimming videos, recording audios, and videos. The best snapchat saver for android that lets you perform many tasks while using SnapChat. 

Snap Keep

Easy to save snaps and stories to the camera roll. You can later add doodles, text, and draw on these pictures. Save any content you receive from your friends on SnapChat without notifying them. Choose from umpteen colors from the color palette to add fun elements to pictures and stories. It also lets you download and save videos. There’s a lot more you can do with this popular app and save it. 

Snap Grab

A great app that does not require the user to login and authenticate it. Take screenshots of anything on your phone app as well as SnapChat without any other user getting a notification about it. It comes with a floating button that makes it easy to take screenshots of anything on your Android phone. It has an AutoCapture feature that automatically captures the screenshots of the messages opened. 

Snap Stories

Save photos, stories, and photos from SnapChat anonymously with this app to your phone gallery. An easy-to-use app to navigate, explore, delete content received from SnapChats. It lets you record the phone screen even when you are using other applications or playing games on your mobile. Taking screenshots no matter what you are doing on your phone is easy with this app. Login and authentication are not required for this app. 

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

It comes with many tools that let you record clips, save snaps from SnapChats, record mobile screen, videos using the FaceCam tool, and much more. A versatile app that can also be used to draw on the screen and create tutorials. Record screen activities, audio, and videos with this app. It has share buttons to let you share videos, pictures, or any content you create on social media platforms.

Snap Crack

Record videos for unlimited time with this app. This is a special feature of this app, apart from letting you record stories, pictures, and videos from SnapChat and save it in HD quality. It lets you add stickers, text, colors, and a lot of fun elements to the content you receive on SnapChat. Registration and sign-in are not needed to use this app. The layout is user-friendly and interactive. 


Share and save screenshots anonymously. It has additional features that SnapChat does not have. You can send saved snaps to your phone’s gallery. You can zoom the camera when taking a picture or video and get a better view. Add and draw captions to the snaps with custom fonts and colors. Choose colors from huge options inside the color palette. Drawing effects, filters, autosave features, and other settings let you use this app effectively. 


SnapChat does not authorize using third-party apps though they are widely used as they come with many features. With a user-friendly interface and tools that let you add effects and various features to pictures, these apps are useful for SnapChats as well as other applications. Though most of the Snap Saver apps come with the risk involved if you do not use it cautiously. The settings and features of these apps make it a popular choice for personal and business use. 

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