How can you see Other People’s Best Friends on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform that is very popular with many young people and has many features that you can use. Through Snapchat, you can talk with friends and see what your friends are doing every day. Since its release, Snapchat has released many updates that allow you to use various functions. The Best Friends feature has been introduced on Snapchat since its initial launch and is very popular with the users, especially the teenagers.

What is Snapchat’s Best Friends feature?


Your best friend on Snapchat is your friend, who most communicates with you. When you send photos, receive photos, and interact with one person regularly, you become best friends. The Snapchat algorithm puts all your friends in an order based on their interaction with you, and your contacts will be listed in the application as your best friends. If you have relatively few Snapchat friends or don’t talk to your friends too often, you might not have a best friend yet. Up to 8 of your contacts can be listed as your best friend. Snapchat only sees the past week when calculating your best friends list.

How can you see your Snapchat Best Friends?

There are several ways to see who your best friend is on Snapchat.

  • The first way is to go to your chat page. Here you see people with smiley emojis with faces to the right of their names.
  • The next move is to go to Snapchat’s friend’s list. From here, you will see a title called “BEST FRIENDS.” Under this list, you can see a list of people who have smiling faces next to their names, and hence, they would be your present best friends on Snapchat.

How can you see others’ Snapchat Best Friends?

A few years ago, Snapchat had a feature that allowed you to save someone’s name and see who their three best friends were. This became the most popular feature of Snapchat, and many users loved it. Unfortunately, they removed this feature because they felt it disturbed people’s privacy too much. But, here is one way you can still see other people’s best friends on Snapchat. Let’s find out how.

Create Account

After successfully installing Snapchat on your mobile, open the application. Once you log in, put down your complete name correctly, as mentioned in the column. Then, move on to enter your birth date, month, and year.

Create a Username

Choose your username carefully. It is only through your profile’s username that your acquaintances would be able to add you to their Snapchat contact section. Keep your username according to what you like. But, once you are done, you won’t be able to modify it again.

Add Friends

Once you move to the following tab, Snapchat will scan your contact list, and you would get a list of the people from your contacts who use Snapchat. To add them as friends, tap the plus face icon on the right side of the screen. After they accept your friend’s request, you can share photos and videos.

Find out the Specific Person

To see the person’s list of friends, enter the name or chat ID in the search bar to view their profile. However, if they are not in your contact list, you can send them friend requests. As soon as they accept your application, you can visit their profile and see their friend list.

Become their Best Friend

To become a specific person’s best friend, you need to communicate with them more than other friends. This is the most important step to check their best friends list on Snapchat. Send them a request, and once they accept it, you both become best friends on Snapchat.

Track their Regular Activities

Once you become a part of the other person’s best friend list, you would see their entire social media activities and friends lists. This is the best way you can look through their best friends list and find their contact details on Snapchat. But, if their profile is made private, you won’t be able to see their activities. The most crucial point here is to check if the other person’s account is public or private. Only if their account is open, you would be able to check their best friends list.


Now, you have an idea about the step by step process to check someone’s best friend list. Best Friends was introduced as a feature in 2016 and has undergone several changes since then. Every time you use the application to communicate with friends, it always helps to select the contacts you interact with the most. You might also want to hide Snapchat’s best friends if someone has access to your account and looks through your list without your permission. It’s always better to keep your profile private before you check out others.

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