The Lumbering Contraption Of Nose Picking

In light of this coming Sunday’s Handcar Regatta, a race of human-powered rail-track creations, the team over at Almost Scientific have created a ginormous 10 feet tall 10 feet wide hamster wheel they’re calling the Lumbering Contraption. What purpose does it serve? Well, it controls a slew of doohickeys that mobilize a giant nose picking machine. Weird, right?� If only we could use human-sized hamster wheels.

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  1. um, as a fabricator and artist contributor on this project i can tell you that you might be a little confused. there is no ‘nose-picker’ nor does it mobilize any devices. it’s simply a vehicle to race down a railroad track.

    the podcast on make was talking about two separate vehicles that are both modeled after a hamster wheel…

  2. The Make magazine blog post was confusing in that it seemed to equate The Lumbering Contraption with the Nose Picker. They are completely separate projects by different crews. The only noses we pick are our own.

  3. I had the pleasure of working on both The Disgusting Spectacle (the nose picking machine in question), and the Lumbering Contraption (the machine pictured in this particular post).

    The Disgusting Spectacle was the brainchild of artists Tracy Feldstein and Don Bruce. It was built in 2005 in Oakland CA. More info on that project can be found here:

    This piece was built this year in Oakland by the same crew that built the Steampunk Treehouse last year.

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