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Photo: The Pacific Ocean Is Really Obnoxiously Big


Size is really a hard concept to grasp unless you have an object of known size to compare it with. This shot of the Pacific Ocean from space illustrates just how entirely massive this body of water is. Don't make a "Yo momma so fat..." joke, Andrew. Don't do it!

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Supersized Camping Chair Makes You Look Pocket Sized

Named after the fictional land of giants from Gulliver’s Travels, The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair is a five and a half foot tall seating apparatus, featuring over nine square feet of seating space. That’s enough room for at least 6 or 7 midgets. That’s like, 10-12 Verne Troyers. Mini-me, stop humping the giant chair. We do not gnaw on out arm ...

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Please Tell Your Pet To Put Down The Fork

Your pet eats its emotions. That much is clear. What sort of pet needs to use a Buddha Bed as their sleeping cushion? Pet obesity is serious business. I’d like to talk to you about your fat pet for a moment. Please, avert your pet’s eyes away from the screen for a few moments. It’s probably not your fault. Who ...

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Blizzard’s 12-foot Orc Statue

You gotta hand it to Blizzard for having incredible taste. Taking a page from the Warcraft coffers, the team comissioned a 12-foot Orc statue from WETA, the special FX gurus behind the Lord of the Rings series of movies. Originally, the statue was shrunk down and given to employees as a gift but now all can bask in the Orc’s ...

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Pandora: Open Source Gaming Console

Sheesh. What the fuck is this brick? I know I start my new construction job next week but I didn’t expect to be subjected to these kinds of materials. Apparently this thing can not only be used to lay down the foundation of a building, but also for open source and retro-gaming. It has an 800×480 pixel display, a bunch ...

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The Lumbering Contraption Of Nose Picking

In light of this coming Sunday’s Handcar Regatta, a race of human-powered rail-track creations, the team over at Almost Scientific have created a ginormous 10 feet tall 10 feet wide hamster wheel they’re calling the Lumbering Contraption. What purpose does it serve? Well, it controls a slew of doohickeys that mobilize a giant nose picking machine. Weird, right? If only ...

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Super Tabletendo

Finally a controller only the great Andre the Giant could comfortably handle. Inspired directly by Kyle Downes’ NES coffee table, Matt LaBoone worked all summer on this impressively gigantic SNES controller. I can’t imagine having a group of friends sitting around this thing each contributing their part to one button as they mash away while playing Street Fighter 2. Link ...

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The Grapes of Cash

If Tom Joad had some of these grapes, he could have moved out of hicksville and into the Ritz-Carlton or some shit. This bunch of deliciously sweet grapes went for $1000 at a recent auction. For $1000, a hotel owner was able to procure 30 of the sweet, succulent grapes that are a little smaller than a CamBall. These just ...

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That’s One Huge Lighter

This lighter not only is huge but it tells all the ladies that you’re stacked. It’s able to light a blunt in a heartbeat and it can’t fit in your tight jean pockets. No matter, because this lighter says it all. You could light a lady’s cigarette by flipping out the huge one but why not just stuff it in ...

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