Buzzball: Your Personal Hamster Ball

Whether you own a hamster or not, there’s no doubt you wouldn’t mind rolling around in a motorized ball all day for shits and giggles. That’s why Evento developed the Buzzball especially for you. It sounds like a real pain in the ass to control though:

Once the Buzzball is in motion the pod maintains an upright position until the pilot turns, causing the pod to rotate inside the ball against the direction of travel, which applies a braking force and the pod to lock with the ball. This causes the pod to rotate with the ball until the weight of the pilot and pod overcomes the inertia forces and causes the Buzzball to change direction.

What the fuck? I have no idea how you even control this thing. Know why I think they call it a Buzzball? Because you go to the big hill with your friends, drink whiskey to get “buzzed” and then crawl in this ball and roll down the hill. First one to puke loses.

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