The Freedom Tunnel

Here in New York, there’s a whole metropolis awaiting us underneath the street. There are rats that grow up to a foot in size and tunnels for graffiti artists to work in. One of these tunnels is called the Freedom Tunnel and it can be found underneath Riverside Park in Manhattan.

The Freedom Tunnel is the name given by urban explorers, graffiti artists, and a handful of homeless people to the Amtrak tunnel under Riverside Park in Manhattan, New York City. It is also the name of the legendary and constantly evolving graffiti pieces that cover the tunnel walls.

The Freedom Tunnel got its name because the graffiti artist Chris �Freedom� Pape used the tunnel walls to create some of his most notable artwork.

The name may also be a reference to the freedom one may find in this tunnel, the freedom to live unobserved, the freedom to create artwork, and freedom from rent

A site called City Noise has tons of awesome pictures of the tunnel, showing off both it’s architecture and artwork. Some of these photos are beyond brilliant, really showing off the darkness and the light that makes its way underground. Click the link below to see New York as you’ve never seen it before.


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  1. This looks like a nice place to be! lol

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