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Paper Bag Beanie: Hobo-Chic

You say cheap and raggedy. I say fabulous and trendy. This fleece Paper Bag Hat transforms any upstanding citizen into the scourge of society. And that’s just absolutely fierce. Hobos are just so “in” right now. Where do you think Kate Moss got that trim physique? Years of starvation and hardship. Mmm, sexy. Link [via]

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Homeless Chateau

If you’re broke and squatting in an abandoned warehouse, you might as well make the best of it. Such is the mindset behind James Westwater’s “sustainable organic greenery domicile” better known as the Homeless Chateau. It has a small cooking and toilet area (gross), storage and a place to sleep – the essentials of any home. The caveat is that ...

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The Freedom Tunnel

Here in New York, there’s a whole metropolis awaiting us underneath the street. There are rats that grow up to a foot in size and tunnels for graffiti artists to work in. One of these tunnels is called the Freedom Tunnel and it can be found underneath Riverside Park in Manhattan. The Freedom Tunnel is the name given by urban ...

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Freedom Like A Shopping Cart

They say malt liquor tastes better on the street. I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in a cardboard condominium but I do enjoy my malt liquor. Apparently so do designers Barry Sheehan and Gregor Timlin for their concept of the Shelter Cart in light of Designbooms mobile living/storage competition. It’s your standard cart but flip it over and you’ve ...

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