The Basement Scientist Unleashes The MIDI Arduino Shield

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The Basement Scientist, a fine DIYer and hardware hacker, has finally received his MIDI shield boards from Batch PCB. What does this mean? It means that soon, he’ll do a run of MIDI shield PCBs that will be available for purchase. In turn, that means you can easily run MIDI through your Arduino, making it fun and easy to create your own instruments.

I received my two MIDI Shield circuit boards from Batch PCB over the weekend. I�m happy to report that they came out 100% error free. However, I think I�m going to make one or two minor tweaks before getting a bunch produced.

MIDI requires the use of the Arduino serial port pins, which are also used by the on-board USB programmer. With my current design the MIDI Shield has to be unplugged before the Arduino can be programmed, which is a pain in the ass. Instead, I�m going to add a jumper to the MIDI Shield. Remove the jumper, program the Arduino, then put the jumper back on. Much better than pulling the whole shield off every time you need to upload code.

I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on one of these shields. I was contemplating on building my own but TMS has done a fine job and I wholeheartedly support it.


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  1. I am designing and manufacturing a device for a university project
    that will allow a band member, in this case the singer, to alter the volume of the overall monitor mix they hear. They can only increase or decrease the set up
    mix. The FOH engineer should have overall control of what they are
    doing so some kind of automation can be set up at the main desk so the
    engineer knows what the output levels are at. My university lecturer
    also wants me to use Arduino technology for creating the design.

    I have since been advised to find out more on MIDI Shields.

    I realise this may seem like a totally random email but any input
    would be greatly appreciated.


    Graeme Haddrell

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