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Smapler: Snap-on Arduino Design

The Smapler is quite the instrument. First off, you’ll have to build it using your trusty Arduino since it’s a shield that works in tandem with the microcontroller. It’ll allow you to build some unique and interesting instruments as well. This new snap-on panel really gives it more of an instrument-like feel though, don’t you think? It features 4 knobs, ...

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End Table Defense System For The Warrior Class

For all of the people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, this is the perfect home security option. An end table that breaks down in to a blunt weapon and wooden shield that’s perfect for fending off home invaders or orcs. James McAdam created the Safe Bedside Table in an effort to aid the thousands of people who ...

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The Basement Scientist Unleashes The MIDI Arduino Shield

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The Basement Scientist, a fine DIYer and hardware hacker, has finally received his MIDI shield boards from Batch PCB. What does this mean? It means that soon, he’ll do a run of MIDI shield PCBs that will be available for purchase. In turn, that means you can easily run MIDI ...

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The Little Robot Cockroach That Could

Check out Guilherme Martin’s first attempt at making a robot. He uses an Arduino and motor shield with one servo for steering and a standard DC motor for movement. It’s dubbed “baratinha” meaning “little cockroach” in Portuguese. Using two micro-switches as if they were antennae, baratinha is able to detect obstacles in its way. It’s just like a real cockroach ...

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DIY: Arduino XPort Shield Build

If you’ve got soldering skills and you dabble in the Arduino programming language, this add-on will allow Internet access to your Arduino via Ethernet. This will allow you to check your email, your Tumblr and lots of other stuff the government won’t allow me to tell you. DailyDIY provides step-by-step instructions for this simple build for the novice solderer. Remember, ...

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