Smapler: Snap-on Arduino Design


The Smapler is quite the instrument. First off, you’ll have to build it using your trusty Arduino since it’s a shield that works in tandem with the microcontroller. It’ll allow you to build some unique and interesting instruments as well. This new snap-on panel really gives it more of an instrument-like feel though, don’t you think? It features 4 knobs, two switches and a mount for your Arduino board and Smapler shield. It even has a rustic, steampunkish paint job to top it off. Better hurry over to though, ’cause they’re giving away 10 of these away to buyers of the Smapler.


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  1. “steampunkish”? Is this some sort of joke? I sure hope it is.

  2. guys it is not a paintjob … it is engraved … what are laser-cutters for otherwise? 😉

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