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Rock Band in the Future

Eventually, people are going to get bored of this whole fake instrument gaming craze. Once these controllers are mastered, the people over at the Rock Band development lab are going to have to get creative. In the future, perhaps within the next decade or two, it’s possible that Rock Band could look a little something like this video. Hell, we’re ...

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Autopsy Intruments Used on Elvis Presley For Sale

If you’re anything like me and were hoping to purchase these tools just so you can lick the stainless steel and ingest whatever Elvis-fluids might remain in an attempt to gain The King’s super rocking powers, forget about it. Unfortunately these tools have been thoroughly cleansed. All of the items used in the autopsy and funeral preparations will be offered ...

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Smapler: Snap-on Arduino Design

The Smapler is quite the instrument. First off, you’ll have to build it using your trusty Arduino since it’s a shield that works in tandem with the microcontroller. It’ll allow you to build some unique and interesting instruments as well. This new snap-on panel really gives it more of an instrument-like feel though, don’t you think? It features 4 knobs, ...

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The Beatles: Rock Band Gets A Release Date

“The British are coming! The British are coming!” Those words are running through every Best Buy employee’s mind right now as they prepare both mentally and physically for the upcoming release of The Beatles: Rock Band. Thank goodness their label, Apple Corps, decided to go with the Rock Band series and not Guitar Hero. Better interface, better equipment and better ...

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Servoelectric Guitar Requires No Tuning

Or fretting. Or skill. Or anything. This guitar is fret-less and has no tuning pegs. It uses servo motors to change the tension in the strings to get different notes out of it. Very cool, but I’d like to see Peter Frampton use it. That’s fancy and all, but how does it really work? A servoelectric guitar is a fretless ...

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True Music Phones

PSFK has a great roundup of phones designed by the au Design Project and Yamaha. Each prototype has a unique musical ability about it. My personal favorite is Trio In Your Hand, a phone that folds out into a DJ setup. Link

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