Servoelectric Guitar Requires No Tuning


Or fretting. Or skill. Or anything.

This guitar is fret-less and has no tuning pegs. It uses servo motors to change the tension in the strings to get different notes out of it. Very cool, but I’d like to see Peter Frampton use it. That’s fancy and all, but how does it really work?

A servoelectric guitar is a fretless guitar that is played by controlling servomotors that change the tension of the strings over an octave or more on a real-time basis. Tuning is maintained by closed loop tension feedback for rapid and predictable response. Relatively small electrical motors and DC servo amplifiers are possible through a novel compensator spring design.

It’s possible to make your own, but you better have the time, skills and materials required, ’cause you’re in it for the long haul, kiddo.

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