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Circuit Board Card Case

The holidays have come and gone but chances are, you still have a few gift cards sitting in your wallet. Speaking of your wallet, we’ve got to talk. It’s simply too ratty and dull for a person of your stature to use for carrying business cards in. Do you want creases and bends all over those beautiful new cards you ...

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The Basement Scientist Unleashes The MIDI Arduino Shield

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The Basement Scientist, a fine DIYer and hardware hacker, has finally received his MIDI shield boards from Batch PCB. What does this mean? It means that soon, he’ll do a run of MIDI shield PCBs that will be available for purchase. In turn, that means you can easily run MIDI ...

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Delicious Toast, Soldered PCBs

If a gadget can make Totino’s Pizza Rolls and attach LEDs to a board, it’s good in my book. Such is the case with this amazing hack from Cornell students Ko Ihara and Kashif Javed. These guys turned a basic toaster oven into a soldering iron. The LED display even outputs temperature thanks to an ATmega32 microcontroller. If you want ...

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DIY “Midi” (Kinda) Footpedal

Not exactly a true ‘midi’ pedal in the full sense of the word. The PCB used for the sound system is actually the old innards of a keyboard, connected through Radio Shack foot pedals that Myspacer, Tvkid, had to travel on a 60 mile marathon run, to find enough for his creation. Running the pedal system through a laptop through ...

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