The $999 iPhone Application

From smug asshole and (possibly) Nazi extraordinaire Armin Heinrich comes the most ridiculous iPhone app of all time. It costs $999, which is the highest priced application available, and does not do anything. It displays a glowing red gem. Know why? Because you’re rich. In fact, that’s what the app is called. I Am Rich. Yup.

Apple takes a 30-percent cut of all apps sold on the App Store, so that’s $300 it gets while Armin takes home $600 because he’s a bastard. Bastard.

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  1. Where do you get this false information. I have done a search on the app store and its set in GBP �5.99 so this articale is Bullsh*t

  2. dude this article is true your just late on the timing, google it. and you’ll see.

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