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Refrigerated Sands Of The Palazzo Versace

Richer than Richie Rich? Only one vacation locale comes to mind this year and it’s the refrigerated sands of the Palazzo Versace fashion hotel in Dubai. When walking on hot sand is too much for you and you’re more spoiled than Paris Hilton, why shouldn’t you spend money on the luxury of cool sand? How does one even cool sand? ...

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The $999 iPhone Application

From smug asshole and (possibly) Nazi extraordinaire Armin Heinrich comes the most ridiculous iPhone app of all time. It costs $999, which is the highest priced application available, and does not do anything. It displays a glowing red gem. Know why? Because you’re rich. In fact, that’s what the app is called. I Am Rich. Yup. Apple takes a 30-percent ...

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You Spilled Art On Your Table

Here’s something else, furniture called Ripple Series that imitates rippling mercury just like the Vertibral seating imitates spinal structure. It’s from designer Lee J. Rowland who happens to also be an aerospace engineer. And it shows with this out of this world furniture design that uses a three-dimensional machining process along with sheet metal to make these one of a ...

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