The 10 Best Companies That Create Skateboard Deck Designs

Inventor Spot wrote up a list of 10 companies they feel create great skateboard deck designs. The companies listed are well known skateboard developers that focus on designs that are anything but ordinary. Element undoubtedly made the list, as well as a few of my other favorites such as Krooked and Baker.

What really disappointed me about the list was the exclusion of Enjoi, a company I believe stands taller than at least five others listed. Graphic artist Winston Tseng designs most of Enjoi’s catalog by himself and has created some fresh and intriguing art that is definitely worth the recognition. Seriously, who the fuck rides Alien Workshop anyway? Rob Dyrdek?

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  1. some person who likes riding skateboards and wasting time on the internet

    Anything but ordinary, what the fuck. (new)Plan B graphics are as boring as blanks. At least with blank decks you can see the wood grain. It looks like they just took the ten best selling, most popular companies and put them in alphabetical order. I mean where the fuck is toy machine? Ed Templeton’s deck designs are the weirdest, craziest, most interesting and original boards out there. Plus the company has been around for like fifteen years. Anti-Hero and Consolidated also good shit. enjoi would be on my list also. I guess it’s really a matter of personal taste so fuck the top ten bullshit and go skate. Don’t forget the graphics get ruined anyway. I want to know their top ten companies with the best shape. what? concave? what that? I wonder if Rob and Big is on. Its weird when i watch that show for some reason i feel like maxing out my credit card with DC product.

    -rehtorb gib daer-

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