Element Push Deck Rides Like A Beauty

Remember that carbon fiber Element Push deck? We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the board, so the folks at Element sent us one to check out. Specifically, the Atchley Stealth. The precise manufacturing that goes into making this deck is incredible and I’m glad we got our chance to take it for a test ride. We’ve even got a video showing the board off with my brother David varial kick-flipping and doing what I like to call the “hot abortion.”

To start off, the board is incredibly light, as advertised. Then, after I slapped some trucks on it, all that lightweight mumbo jumbo went out the window. Regardless, this board has ridiculous pop with a strong curve to it. However, after getting many outside opinions from a group of skaters that promised not to kick my ass if I let them ride the board, I’ve come to a conclusion:

When it comes to a skateboard deck you either like chocolate or vanilla, curve or no curve.? One fellow from the street commented on the board, saying “it’s like bangin’ yo’ first ebony queen after years of vanilla cream.” And as awkward as I felt after hearing him say it, I knew he was right. What he was trying to say is that this board will either be too curvy for you, or perfect for you. While it flips well, some skaters not used to its form may need to adjust their style in order to shred…hard.

After discussing the skateboard for a bit with my new crew, we grabbed some 40s from a nearby deli. We loitered outside for the next two hours swigging Old English and kicking the Element Push deck around. Cops pulled up in front of us just as we had finished our 40s and I see this gangster crack a high ollie on to the hood of a police car, grind off of i-wait a minute, let me put my pipe down. I’m a bit riled up.

My “homeboys” gave me mad “props” and said I’ve got a “flavorful” design. They also promised not to kick my ass. I have Element to thank for that.? With new trucks perhaps this board could fly to the moon.


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